Session I. Management and Health

Title: Designing and Managing Facilities to Maximize Dry Matter Intake
Author: Mike Brouk

Title: Trouble-Shooting Nutritional Problems
Author: David Reid

Title: Nutritional Management Practices Worth Adopting from California
Author: Peter Robinson 

Title: Balancing Rations for Milk Components
Author: Bill Chalupa 

Keynote Speaker:

Title: Balancing the Animal’s Nutritional Needs with Environmental Stewardship
Author: Larry Satter

Session II. Health and Nutrition

Title: Improving Milking Efficiency
Author: David Reid

Title: Johne’s Disease: Diagnosis and Control
Author: Don Sockett

Title: Managing Postpartum Health and Cystic Ovarian Disease
Author: Augustine Peter

Session III. Nutrition for a Healthy Cow

Title: Maintaining a Healthy Rumen – An Overview
Author: Lyle Rode

Title: Managing Rumen Fermentation in Barley-Based Diets: Balance Between High Production and Acidosis
Author: Karen Beauchemin

Title: Potassium and Other Macrominerals for the Lactating Cow
Author: Bill Sanchez

Title: Protein and Energy Nutrition of the Transition Cow
Author: Lorraine Doepel 

Title: Controlling Postpartum Disorders with Good Nutritional Practices
Author: Bob Van Saun 

Session IV. Optimizing Reproductive Performance

Title: Maximizing Fertility in the Dairy Herd
Author: Ray Nebel

Title: Strategies to Improve Reproductive Management of Dairy Cows
Author: Bill Thatcher

Title: Timing of AI – Have We Been Wrong All Those Years?
Author: Ray Nebel

Title: Effects of Dietary Fat Supplementation on Reproduction in Lactating Dairy Cows
Author: Bill Thatcher 

Title: Abortions in Dairy Cows: New Insights and Economic Impact
Author: Augustine Peter

Session V. Nutrition and Management

Title: Profitable Culling and Replacement Strategies
Author: Brian Radke

Title: Eating and Feeding Behavior of Dairy Cows: Dietary Influences and Impact on Production
Author: David Christensen

Title: Manipulating Milk Protein Production and Level in Lactating Dairy Cows
Author: Peter Robinson

Title: Processing Barley Grain and High Moisture Barley – How Much is Enough?
Author: Rick Corbett 

Title: The Use of Peas in Dairy Rations
Author: David Christensen

Session VI. A Forum on Future Dairy Policy: Implications for Production and Trade

Title: Future Dairy Policy: A Policymaker’s Perspective
Author: Nelson Coyle

Title: Future Dairy Policy in Europe
Author: Alison Burrell

Title: Future Dairy Policy in the US
Author: Scott Brown

Title: Future Dairy Policy in Canada: Implications for Production and Trade
Author: Michele Veeman

Keynote Speaker:

Title: Contract Growing Dairy Heifers: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Author: Mike Brouk

Session VIII. Building Your Feeding Program on Quality Forage

Title: Optimizing Yield and Quality of Cereal Forage
Author: Vern Baron

Title: Corn Silage as a Companion Forage: Pros and Cons
Author: Larry Satter

Title: The Fundamentals of Making Good Quality Silage
Author: Tim McAllister

Title: Blood Profiles as Indicators of Nutritional Status
Author: Bob Van Saun 


Title: Advances in Bovine Embryo Transfer- Using DNA Analysis to Select the Sex and Genotypes of Calves
Author: Brian Shea

Title: Tail Docking Dairy Cattle
Authors: Cassandra Tucker and Dan Weary

Title: Cow Comfort And Free-Stall Design
Authors: Dan Weary and Cassandra Tucker

Title: Plane of Nutrition Affects Growth and Reproduction In Prepubertal Dairy Heifers
Authors: Chelikani, P.K., Ambrose J.D., Glimm, D.R. and Kennelly, J.J.