WCDS Sponsor-Led Workshops

Make the most of your 2024 WCDS with one of our sponsor workshops!


Tools to Make Better Decisions on Your Dairy
Hosted by Lactanet

Join Dr. Wayne Shewfelt & Jeromy TenHag from Lactanet to discuss 'Empowering the Heifer for the Future' describing how producers can ensure heifers will be productive in the milking string. There will also be a demonstration of the data insights DairyComp Pulse platform can provide on reproduction and herd performance using test day data. A light dinner will be served at the start of the meeting and make sure to join the WCDS Opening Reception for cocktails following the presentation.

When: Tuesday March 5, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Where: Red Deer Resort & Casino - Florence Room
Cost: FREE

Space is limited, so please book your spot early at dc@lactanet.ca


Rotary & TSR Tour
Hosted by Agrai-Dairy Mart

Join Agrai-Dairy Mart for a tour of 3 dairies using DeLaval rotary parlours and teat spray robots (TSR). Each farm has different systems to showcase, with a presentation from DeLaval's Rotary & Parlours Product Solution Specialist Jeff Hahn at the final stop. Refreshments and cocktails included at the end of the tour. For more information on the farms, timing and locations, view the flyer here.

When: Tuesday March 5, 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Where: See the flyer for location details
Cost: FREE

For more information contact Agrai-Dairy Mart at 403-786-9999, capitalsales.adml@gmail.com