2024 WCDS Proceedings


Table of Contents

Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors



The Future of Sustainability in the Dairy Industry: A Focus on Net Zero
Sara Place

Session I: Resilience through Sustainability

Supplying Canadian Demand: Economic Sustainability and Supply Management
Matthew Gaudreau

Sustainable Canadian Dairy: Why it is Important and How it is Being Achieved
Connie McLellan

Sustainability and On-Farm Realities: Our Journey
Annie AcMoody

Session II:  Nutrition

Feed Preference & DMI: Is there a Real-World Link that NASEM Predictive Models Miss?
Paul Kononoff

Session III: Transition Management

Transitioning to Success: The Intersection Between Peripartum Nutrition, Health & Reproduction
Jose Santos

Mining Dry Period Data for Insights into Improved Lactation Performance
Barry Bradford

Session IV Student Research

Machine learning-based mobile application simplifies the interpretation of on-farm culture results of clinical mastitis milk samples
Breno Garcia

The utility of serum biochemical analytes to enhance the resilience of dairy cattle through genetic selection
Rui Liu

Effects of omega-3 fatty acids supplementation on reproduction of dairy cows
Guilherme Madureira

Effects of protected and unprotected butyrate supplementation on growth performance and fermentation profile in dairy calves
Diego Martinez Mayorga

Effects of outdoor access on the pathogen-specific incidence rate of clinical mastitis of lactating cows in Alberta
Berina Traub

Session V: Producer Panel and Virtual Farm Tours

Sustainability and Resilience – Producer Panel

To view the virtual farm tours click here.

Session VI: Animal Welfare

Revised Dairy Code of Practice: What Will it Really Mean for Us?
Clem Nash

Mindful Pain Management: Addressing Both Visible and Unseen Pain in Dairy Cows
Kate Creutzinger

Session VII: Future Proofing: Designing 2050 Ready Facilities

A Producer’s Perspective on Best Practices in Robotic Barn Design
Anton Borst

Session VIII: Disaster Management: Lessons Learned

Preparing for the Next Big Disease: Surveillance, Biosecurity and Other Key Steps in Emerging Disease Preparedness
Glen Duizer

When Disaster Strikes – Living though the BC Floods
Lisa McCrea

All-Hazard Type Events: Producer Preparation and Response
Katherine Altman

Session IX: The New Age of Digital Agriculture

Practicing Strategic Social Media Engagement in Agriculture: Controlling the Narrative
Kevin Folta

Dairy Farming 2.0: Milking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence
Diego Nobrega

Poster Competition Abstracts

Testing a computer-based method to analyze and identify different Mycoplasma bovis strains using targeted DNA enrichment
M. M. Biesheuvel, P. Morley, L. Pinnel, E. Doster, R. Valeris-Chacin, and H. W. Barkema

Longitudinal analysis of digital dermatitis in cattle: Identifying the bacteria initiating lesion development
A. Dias, C. Gammariello, K. Orsel, and J. De Buck

Investigating what makes Staphylococcus chromogenes the most prevalent staphylococcus species in milk
M. Ghanduri and J. De. Buck

Histology and kinetics of IgG transport in the neonatal bovine small intestine during the first 24 hours of life
R. L. Hiltz, D. Vine, D. R. Barreda, and A. H. Laarman

Effects of ruminal short-chain fatty acids and pH on performance and hindgut fermentation of pre-weaned dairy calves
M. H. P. M. Narciso, A. R. Wolfe, R. R. E. Uwiera, and A. H. Laarman

Genetic engineering of a mycobacteriophage such that it is a better candidate for phage therapy against Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis
N. Shafer

Herd-level prevalence of bovine leukemia virus, Salmonella Dublin and Neospora caninum in Alberta dairy herds using ELISA on bulk tank milk samples
W. Shaukat, E. de Jong, K. D. McCubbin, M. Biesheuvel, F. van der Meer, J. De Buck, G. Lhermie, D. Hall, K. Kalbfleisch, J. Kastelic, K. Orsel, and H. W. Barkema

Effect of SCFA concentration and pH on health and hematology in pre-weaned Holstein dairy calves
A. Wolfe, M. H. P. M. Narciso, R. R. E. Uwiera, and A. H. Laarman

Effect of dietary supplementation with bovine derived Bifidobacterium longum spp. longum and resistant potato starch on the health and growth of neonatal calves
X. Wu, P. Griebel, N. Malmuthuge, and L. Guan

General Abstracts

Effect of oral Ca boluses on serum Ca concentration, health events, milk yield, activity and rumination behavior in Holstein cows
M. G. Colazo, K. Macmillan, A. Behrouzi, and M. Gobikrushanth

Associating reproductive physiology and automated monitoring technologies to predict fertility of dairy herds: II. lactating Holstein cattle
R. Conceicao, M. Madureira, J. Marques, J. Maciel, J. Denis-Robichaud, S. Moore, C. Baes, and R. Cerri

The potential for genetic selection against Bovine Spastic Syndrome (Crampy) in Canadian Holstein dairy cattle
G. Condello, I. Hermisdorff, C. Lynch, C. M. Rochus, F. S. Schenkel, B. J. Van Doormaal, F. Miglior, and C. Baes

Classifying Holstein dairy cows by body condition score and the effects on dry matter intake and milk production during the late dry period and early postpartum period
K. Dekraker, M. Boerefyn, S. Cartwright, S. Jantzi, A. Pineda, C. Villot, and M. A. Steele

Effect of oat variety and oat type (feed-type vs milling-type) with multi-year samples on nutrient supply from rumen degradable and undegradable protein and carbohydrate fractions in western Canada
G. Deng, M. E. Rodriguez Espinosa, D. A. Christensen, H. Lardner, and P. Yu

Anogenital distance as a novel trait for enhancing fertility in Canadian Holsteins
G. Dodd, F. Miglior, F. S. Schenkel, T. C. Bruinjé, M. Gobikrushanth, J. Carrelli, Masahito Oba, D. J. Ambrose, and C. F. Baes

The effects of pellet starch concentration and allocation amount for Holstein cows in early, mid, and late lactation in an automatic milking system
S. C. Dondé, A. J. Schwanke, T. DeVries, R. C. da Silva, and G. B. Penner

The longitudinal effects of topical treatment on chronic and recurring cases of digital dermatitis
C. S. Gammariello, A. P. Dias, and J. De Buck

Development of prairie environment friendly and value-added pellet products to mitigate ruminant methane: Effect of hydrolysable tannin as phytochemical feed additive on total digestible nutrient and energy values in beef and dairy cattle
T. Hidayat, M. E. Rodriguez Espinoza, R. Newkirk, H. Lardner, and P. Yu

Evaluation of the newly developed value-added blended fat stimulated feed product (bfsfp): Comparison with commercial protein and energy feeds in total digestible nutrients and energy profile
U. Ihsan, L. Prates, H. Lardner, R. Newkirk, M.E. Rodriguez Espinosa, and P. Yu

Exploring dairy farmer well-being in the context of animal health and welfare: A One Welfare perspective
A. Le Heiget, H. Tambadou, B. Zwick, V. Fraser-Celin, B. Hagen, A. Jones, J. Kinley, E. Pajor, J. C. Plazier, K. Ominski, and M. King

A comprehensive evaluation of the genetic background of rumination time in first-lactation dairy cows
L. Lopes, F. Schenkel, D. Tulpan, and C. Baes

Kinematic metrics for pain as a negative affective state in dairy cows
E. R. Lowen, M. A. Ganley, H. J. Perez Marquez, and C. J. Bench

Genetic selection for reducing dairy calf diarrhea and respiratory disease
C. Lynch, F. S. Schenkel, F. Miglior, D. Kelton, and C. F. Baes

Associating reproductive physiology and automated monitoring technologies to predict fertility of dairy herds: I. Holstein heifers
J. Marques, A. Boyle, R. Conceicao, A. Madureira, J. Maciel, S. Moore, J. Denis-Robichaud, C. Baes, and R. Cerri

Investigating the impact of beta-hydroxybutyrate concentrations on dairy cow behaviour and productivity for cows milked in robotic milking systems
S. Moore, J. Marques, R. Conceicao, and R. Cerri

Effect of maturity stage on rumen degradable and undegradable subfractions of protein and carbohydrate of intercropping whole plant oat (Avena sativa cv. CDC Haymaker) with whole plant faba bean (Vicia faba cv. CDC Snowbird) as hay in ruminant livestock systems, evaluated with the updated CNCPS system
C. Nagy, V. Guevara-Oquenda, D. A. Christensen, H. Lardner, M. E. Rodriguez Espinosa, and P. Yu

Effect of maturity stage on true protein supply to dairy cows and feed milk value of intercropping whole- plant oat (Avena sativa cv. CDC Haymaker) with whole plant faba bean (Vicia faba cv. CDC Snowbird) as hay in ruminant livestock systems, evaluated with the DVE/OEB system
C. Nagy, V. Guevara-Oquenda, D. A. Christensen, H. Lardner, M. E. Rodriguez Espinosa, and P. Yu

Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis shedding and seropositivity in young stock on MAP-infected Alberta dairy farms
A. C. Pereira, K. Orsel, J. De Buck, L. Martins, M. M. Biesheuvel, and H. W. Barkema

Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii CNCM I-1079 probiotic supplementation during the late dry and early postpartum periods on feed intake and production responses of dairy cows
A. Pineda, S. Jantzi, K. Dekraker, S. Cartwright, M. Boerefyn, C. Villot, and M. A. Steele

Effects of calf starter, weaning, and butyrate supplementation on hindgut development in Holstein calves
S. G. Sayles, A. E. Mark, R. L. Hiltz, D. E. McCurdy, S. Moreland, K. Klanderman, and A. H. Laarman

Linking farm management to dairy farmer mental and physical well-being
H. Tambadou, B. Zwick, A. Le Heiget, B. Hagen, A. Jones, J. Kinley, J. C. Plazier, K. Ominski, C. Winder, E. Pajor, and M. King

Understanding the connection between dairy farmer mental health and well-being and cattle health in Western Canada and Ontario
B. Zwick, H. Tambadou, A. Le Heiget, B. Hagen, A. Jones, C. Winder, E. Pajor, J. Kinley, J. C. Plazier, K. Ominski, and M. King