Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. New Perspectives on Feeding Cows

Keynote Speaker: Making Cents Out Of Research: From the Lab Bench to the Farm Gate
Jim Spain

New Concepts in Nutritional Management of Dry Cows
Jim Drackley

Is There A Place For Short Dry Periods For High Producing Herds?
Tom Overton

Relationships of Negative Energy Balance with Fertility
Ron Butler

Session II. Policy and Marketing

Value-Added Pros and Cons: Can Producers Profit from High-CLA Milk and Dairy Products?
Leigh Maynard

Canadian Regulation of Functional Foods
Susan Lutz

Dairy Products and Consumer Demand for Health Foods
Sean Cash

Session III. Health and Wellness

Keynote Speaker: Control Programs for Johne’s Disease
Huybert Groenendaal

A New Understanding of the Causes of Fatty Liver in Dairy Cows
Burim Ametaj

Extended Lactation: Turning Theory into Reality
Chris Knight

Preventing and Treating Lameness
Roger Blowey

Session IV. Re-thinking Reproduction Issues

Keynote Speaker: Overall Reproductive Performance of Canadian Dairy Cows: Challenges We Are Facing
Stephen LeBlanc

Second Insemination Breeding Strategies for Dairy Cows
Matt Lucy

Relationships of Dietary Protein and Fertility
Ron Butler

Implementing a Nutritional Management Plan to Enhance Fertility
Jim Spain

Session V. Modern Concepts in Heifer Rearing

Keynote Speaker: Rumen Development in the Dairy Calf
Jud Heinrichs

Does Early Growth Affect Subsequent Health and Performance of Heifers?
Jim Drackley

Designing Heifer Systems That Work On Your Farm
Tom Overton

Raising Johne’s-Free Calves
Jocelyn Jansen

Session VI. Emerging Issue

Keynote Speaker: Monitoring and Mitigation of E. coli O157:H7 in Commercial Dairies
Tim McAllister

Session VI. Feeding for Milk Composition

The Demand for Milk Components
Nelson Coyle

Nutrition as a Tool to Alter Milk Composition
John Kennelly

Keynote Speaker: Implications of Fat-Feeding Practices for Lactating Dairy Cows – Effects on Milk Fat
Charles Staples

Session VII. Managing for Profitability

Keynote Speaker: Balancing High Production and Health of Cows
Roger Blowey

Fertility Traits in New Zealand vs. North American Holsteins
Matt Lucy

Using DHI Records On-Farm to Evaluate Reproductive Performance
Stephen LeBlanc

Making Informed Culling Decisions
Huybert Groenendaal


Mechanical Processing of Barley Silage for Lactating Dairy Cows
J.-S. Eun, K. A. Beauchemin, and W. Z. Yang

Dairy Cows Sort Their TMR
Wen Z. Yang and Karen A. Beauchemin

Physically Effective Fibre Content of Dairy Diets and the Risk of Ruminal Acidosis
Wen Z. Yang and Karen A. Beauchemin

Effect of Feeding Frequency on the Quality of TMR Available Throughout the Day
T. J. DeVries, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, and K. A. Beauchemin

Drinking and Competitive Behaviour of Dairy Calves Following Introduction into a Group Pen
Keelin O’Driscoll, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, and D. M. Weary

Effects of Diet and Time of Feeding on Productivity, Rumen pH, and Blood Metabolites of Lactating Dairy Cows
A. Nikkhah, C. Furedi, J. Plaizier, and A. Kennedy

Development of Holstein Heifers from In vivo or In vitro Produced Embryos Transferred to Beef Cattle
B. A. Sawatzky, J. A. Small, A. D. Kennedy, J. D. Ambrose and K. M. Wittenberg

Understanding Variation in Milk CLA Content: Development of Techniques to Characterize Diet-Induced Changes in Rumen Microbial Profiles
R. Mohammed, D.R. Glimm, G.W. Tannock, R.J. Forster, C. Stanton, and J.J. Kennelly

Effect of Feeding Ground versus Whole Safflower Seed and Safflower Oil on Milk Fatty Acid Composition in Cows
R. Mohammed, D. Lee, E. Tong, S. Parmley, G. R. Khorasani and L. Doepel

Effect of Sunflower Oil Delivery Method on Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content in Milk
G. McGregor, A. Meszaros, Y. Parrott, S. Tam, M. Oba, and L. Doepel

Ruminal Fermentation of Processed and Heat-treated Sunflower Seeds
A.R. Kroeker and D. A. Christensen

Nutritive Value of Whole Raw and Roasted Sunflowers for High Producing Dairy Cows
A.R. Kroeker and D. A. Christensen

The Effect of Monensin and Sodium Bicarbonate on Milk Yield and Composition
C. Dary, M. Harris, N. Koppe, T. Ritson-Bennett, R. Khorasani, and L. Doepel

Comparison of Activity Partitioning in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd/4th Lactation Dairy Cows
C. Beck, K. Chorna, K. Nichiporik, C. Riczu, J. Feddes, and L. Doepel

Do Heifers at Different Stages of the Estrous Cycle Respond Differently to Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Treatment
B. Kumpula, F. Salmon, P. Suddaby, S. Terletski, J.D. Ambrose, and L. Doepel

Progesterone (CIDR) Device-Based Timed AI Protocols for Dairy Heifers
J.D. Ambrose, P.A. Day1, and J.P. Kastelic

Electronic or Visual Detection of Estrus versus Timed-AI
J.D. Ambrose, J.P. Kastelic, P.A. Day, R. Wilde, and J.A. Small

Comparing Timed AI to Electronic Estrus Detection in Holstein Heifers
J.D. Ambrose, P.A. Day, and J.A. Small

Conception Rates in Dairy Cows Given Prostaglandin at Insemination
J.D. Ambrose and J.P. Kastelic