Table of Contents

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Session I: Calf Health

Nutraceuticals: An Alternative Strategy for the use of Antimicrobials in Dairy Calves
Michael Ballou

Giving Calves a Good Start: Lessons from the Maternity Pen
Kathryn Proudfoot

Coccidiosis in Dairy Calves
John Gilleard

Session II: Nutrition

Growth Benchmarks and Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Heifers from Weaning to Calving
Mike Van Amburgh

Managing High-Straw Dry Cow Diets to Optimize Health and Performance
Trevor DeVries

Protein During the Dairy Cow Transition Period: What We Feed and What They Lose
Jacquelyn Boerman

Session III: Virtual Farm Tours

Virtual Farms Tours

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Session IV and V: Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition

Mental Health of Farmers – Producer Panel

Session VI: Reproduction and Genetics

Advancing Genetic Gain in Dairy Cattle Through Genomics and Reproductive Technologies
Kent Weigel

Impact of Altering the Voluntary Waiting Period on Reproduction and Economics in Dairy Herds
Julio Giordano

Daily Profit of 3-Breed Crossbreds Compared to Holsteins: Our Experience from a 10-Year Designed Study
Les Hansen

Poster Competition Abstracts

Effects of medium chain fatty acid supplementation on dairy cow performance and rumen fermentation
M. Burdick and M. Oba

Heifers with short anogenital distance have better fertility that those with long anogenital distance
J.E. Carrelli, M. Gobikrushanth, M. Corpon, I. Rajesh, W. Sandberg, M.G. Colazo, A. Ahmadzadeh, M. Oba, and D.J. Ambrose

Herd health and production management visits on Canadian dairy cattle farms: structure, goals and topics discussed
C. Ritter, L. Dorrestein, D.F. Kelton and H. Barkema

Effect of partial exchange of lactose with fat in calf milk replacer fed ad libitum on feed intake, feeding behaviour, and performance in dairy calves
J. Echeverry-Munera, L. Leal, J. Wilms, H Berends, J.H.C. Costa, M. Steele and J. Martin-Tereso

Effects of dietary butyrate supplementation and oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug administration to transition cows on performance, plasma metabolites and reproduction
L.E. Engelking, D.J. Ambrose and M. Oba

Blood metabolomics phenotyping of dry cows reveals potential biomarkers for susceptibility to mastitis
K. Haxhiaj, Z. Li, M. Johnson, S.M. Dunn, D.S. Wishart and B.N. Ametaj

Tail chalk improves estrous detection when using automated activity monitors
J.C.S. Marques, T.A. Burnett, A.M.L Madureira and R.L.A. Cerri

Impact of steam pressure processing times on nutrient digestibility, true protein supply to the small intestine, and predicted milk production of faba bean seeds for dairy cattle
M.E. Rodriguez Espinosa, D. Christensen, R. Newkirk, Y. Ai, V.H. Guevara Oquendo and P. Yu

Impact of concentrate allowance and cow personality on the behaviour and production of dairy cows introduced to a free-traffic automated system
A.J. Schwanke, K.M. Dancy, G.B. Penner, R. Bergeron and T.J. DeVries

Identifying the on-farm factors associated with elevated free fatty acids in bulk tank milk
H. Woodhouse, D. Kelton, S. LeBlanc and T.J. DeVries

Effect of fibrolytic enzyme on lactational performance, feeding behaviour, rumen fermentation and nutrient digestibility in dairy cows fed whole a plant faba bean silage-based diet
J. Yang, D. Christensen, H. Lardner, V.H. Guevara-Oquendo, B. Refat, O. AlZahal and P. Yu

General Abstracts

The effect of neomycin inclusion in milk replacer on the health, growth, and performance of male Holstein calves preweaning
L.N. Buss, T.T. Yohe, L.R. Cangiano, A.J. Keunen, L.L. Guan, D.L. Renaud and M.A. Steele

Cool-climate adapted CDC genotypes of chickpeas grown in Western Canada: evaluation of impact of varieties and processing methods on physiochemical, nutritional, and molecular structural characteristics
L. Cerna, D. Christensen and P. Yu

Effect of supplemental selenium source on dairy cow performance, antioxidant status and apparent absorption and retention
K.M. Cruickshank, B. Hatew, E.S. Ribeiro and M.A. Steele

Synchrotron-based study to determine the inherent molecular structure changes induced by steam pressure times in faba bean seeds
M.E. Rodgriguez Espinosa, D. Christensen, R. Newkirk, Y. Ai, V.H. Guevara Oquendo and P. Yu

Using Synchrotron and globar molecular spectroscopic techniques to reveal synergistic impact and interactive association between molecular structure and nutrient properties and supple to dairy cows in enzymatic and thermal treated oat endosperm tissue and whole oat grain
C. Lang and P. Yu

Comparing natural vs. induced estrus in dairy heifers using an automated activity monitoring system
K. Macmillan, M. Gobikrushanth, G. Plastow and M.G. Colazo

Comparing the performance of timed-AI versus automated activity monitors in dairy heifer reproduction
K. Macmillan, M. Gobikrushanth, G. Plastow and M.G. Colazo

Macronutrient composition of whole milk powder and high dat milk replacer influences gastrointestinal development of preweaned dairy calves
S.C. Mellors, A.C. Welboren, J. Wilms, J. Martin-Tereso, L.N. Leal and M.A. Steele

Effect of intensity of spontaneous estrus captured by automated activity monitors in ovulation interval in Holstein heifers
A.L. Moore, A.M.L. Madureira, T.A. Burnett, J. Denis-Robichaud and R.L.A. Cerri

Predicting disease in preweaned dairy calves using automated milk feeders
J.L. Morrison, C.B. Winder, C. Medrano-Galarza and D.L. Renaud

Exploring difference in total digestible dry matter and intestinal protein digestion of canola seeds and canola processing co-products from different companies in Canada and China for dairy cattle
A.M.R. Castelo Branco de Oliveira, D. Beaulieu, R. Newkirk and P. Yu

Deep learning for mastitis detection and development of farm-specific detection methods
S.A. Naqvi, M.T.M. King, R.D. Matson, T.J. DeVries, R. Deardo and H.W. Barkema

Dissolution rate of calcium boluses and their effects on serum calcium in dairy cattle
W. Verhoef, S. Zuidhof, B. Ralston, J.A. Ross and M. Olson

Etiology of scours in veal calves and evaluation of activated charcoal as an alternative to antibiotics
J.A. Ross, B. Ralston, S. Zuidhof, J. Flaig, K. Macmillan and M. Olson