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Session I.  The Business of Dairying

Combating the Rising Cost of Feeding Cows
Jim Spain

Routine Herd Fertility Monitoring – A Necessity or Money Down the Drain?
Mark Varner

Facility Designs to Maximize Transition Cow Health and Productivity
Nigel B. Cook

Long-term Strategic Planning Of Dairy Businesses
Rob Bell

Session II. Dairy Policy Home and Abroad

An International Comparative Analysis of the Regulation in the Dairy Sector
Daniel-Mercier Gouin

Dairy Farmers Should Not Count On A Doha Round Failure
Mike Gifford

EU Milk Production Quotas
Julian Binfield

Impact of WTO on Dairy Producers
Yves Leduc

Session III.  Animal Health and Productivity

Causes and Effects of Periparturient Immunosuppression
Matt Waldron and Xavier S. Revelo

Current Concepts on Immunity and Mastitis
Lorraine M. Sordillo

Raising Heifers With Healthy Hooves
Karl Burgi

Reducing Pain During Painful Procedures
Erin E. Fierheller

Session IV.  Health, Management and Nutrition

The Role of Probiotics in Promoting Dairy Production
Johanne Chiquette

Strategies to Optimize Feed Intake in Lactating Cows
Mike. Allen and B. J. Bradford

Do You Feed Protein or Amino Acids to Make Milk?
Hélène Lapierre, D.R. Ouellet and L. Doepel

Impact of NDF Content and Digestibility on Dairy Cow Performance
Dave Mertens

Session V.  Calves to Cows

Managing the Pre-weaned Calf
Bob James

Potential of Alternative Dairy Replacement Heifer Nutrition Programs to Reduce Economic Cost and Environmental Impact
Pat. Hoffman

Effectiveness of Vaccination Programs in Replacement Heifers
John Campbell

Ventilating Calf Barns in Winter
David W. Kammel

Session VI.  Housing and Cow Welfare

Free-stall Design for Maximum Cow Comfort
Nigel B. Cook

Compost Bedded Pack Barns – Can They Work For You?
Marcia I. Endres

Nutritional Influences on Horn Quality and Hoof Health
Christoph K.W. Muelling

Flooring Options to Minimize Lameness and Optimize Welfare
Jeffrey Rushen and Anne Marie de Passillé

Session VII.  Focus on Forage

Maximizing Forage Use by Dairy Cows
David R. Mertens

Using Pasture 150+ Days/Year In North-Central Alberta
Jan Slomp

Forage, Phosphorus and Soil on Dairy Farms
Shabtai Bittman

Getting the Most Out of Your Silage
Limin Kung, Jr


Cloning and Expression of Some Iron-Regulated Genes of Bovine Mastitis Staphylococcus Aureus
J. Blouin, C. Ster, P. Lacasse, M. Jacques, F. Malouin and M. S. Diarra

Optimal Weaning Strategies for High-Milk-Fed Dairy Calves
Sweeney B. , Rushen J. , Weary D.M. , De Passille A.M

Is The Colostrum Intake of Newborn Calves Affected By Time Since Birth and Provision of Heat?
Vasseur E., Rushen J., and de Passillé A. M

An Intervention Tool to Improve Health and Welfare of Replacement Heifers in Canadian Dairy Farms
Vasseur E, Rushen J., de Passillé AM., Lefebvre D. and Pellerin D.

Detection of Illness by Feeding Behaviour in Group-Housed Calves
Borderas T. F., Rushen J., von Keyserlingk M.A.G. and de Passillé A.M.

Temperature Preference of Newborn Calves Fed High And Low Levels of Milk
Borderas, T. F., de Passillé, A.M. and Rushen J

In Situ Ruminal Degradation of Fractional Corn Distillers Grains
W. Z. Yang, L. Armentano and Y. L. Li

Alfalfa Cut At Sundown and Harvested As Baleage Increases Performance of Late-Lactation Dairy Cows
A. F. Brito, G. F. Tremblay, A. Bertrand, Y. Castonguay, G. Bélanger, R. Michaud, H. Lapierre, C. Benchaar, H. V. Petit, D. R. Ouellet, and R.Berthiaume

Milk Fatty Acid Composition of Dairy Cows Fed Increasing Amounts of Linseed Oil
Chaouki Benchaar

The Effect of DairyPro on Milk Yield and Composition
David A Christensen and Leonard Underwood

Diagnosis of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) On-Farm by Analyzing Bacterial Toxins in the Feces
J.C. Plaizier, S. Li, and D.O. Krause

Does Subclinical Mastitis Interfere With The Diagnosis Of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) Based On Inflammatory Proteins In The Blood?
J.C. Plaizier and D.O. Krause

Effects of Supplemental Dietary Starch on Productivity and Reproductive Performance in Postpartum Dairy Cows
B. L. Dyck, L. Doepel, M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose, M.K. Dyck

Fermentation Acid Absorption Influences the Severity of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis
G.B. Penner, J.R. Aschenbach, G. Gäbel, and M. Oba

Genotype of Stearoyl CoA Desaturase Affects Conjugated Linoleic Acid Production
L. Clark, S. Moore, and M. Oba

Use of Levucell® Yeast in Barley Based Dairy Cow Diets
Lucia Holtshausen, Karen Beauchemin, Jim Sullivan

The Effects of Replacing Barley Silage or Barley Grain with Dried Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on the Productivity of Lactating Dairy Cows
S. Z. Zhang, G. B. Penner and M. Oba

The Effects of Dietary Calcium Content and Dietary Cation-Anion Difference on Calcium Homeostasis in Dairy Cattle
M. Oba, A. E. Oakely, and G. F. Tremblay