Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Efficiency from Cow to Farm

How High Feed Efficiency Reduces the Environmental Impact of the Dairy
Frank Mitloehner

Feeding and Breeding For a More Efficient Cow
Mike VandeHaar

Can Genomics Be Used To Improve Feed Efficiency?
Diane M. Spurlock

Strategies to Improve Economic Efficiency of the Dairy
Victor E. Cabrera

Session II. Dairy Herd Health

Biosecurity in the Dairy Herd
Dick Sibley

Lameness, Hoof and Leg Issues in Dairy Cows
Ernest Hovingh

Understanding the Sources, Transmission Routes, and Prognoses for Mastitis Pathogens
Ruth Zadoks

How to Decrease the Use of Antibiotics in Udder Health Management
Jean-Philippe Roy

Session III. The Pre-Weaned Calf

Cow Factors That Influence Colostrum Quality
Fiona Maunsell

Effect of Maternal Nutrition on Calf Health and Growth
Jon Schoonmaker

Colostrum Management and Factors Related to Poor Calf Immunity
Lorraine Doepel

Effective Forage and Starter Feeding Strategies for Pre-weaned Calves
Alex Bach

Session IV. Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Economic Returns

Reducing Feed Cost while Optimizing Productivity
Barry Robinson

Reducing Feed Cost while Optimizing Productivity
Alex Bach

Silage Inoculants – Are They Worth The Money?
Tim McAllister

Reducing Phosphorus Levels in Dairy Cow Diets
Conrad Ferris – Presented by Joe Harrison

Session V. Breeding and Reproduction

Crossbreeding in Dairy Cattle: Pros and Cons
Conrad Ferris – Presented by Frank Buckley

Genetic Selection of Cattle for Improved Immunity and Health
Bonnie Mallard

Reproductive Management with Limited Hormonal Intervention
Jeff Stevenson

Strategic Interventions for Reproductive Management
Stephen LeBlanc

Session VI. The People Side of Dairying

Worker Training and Education to Improve Cattle Welfare
Franklyn Garry

Enhancing Employee Supervision Skills
Chuck Schwartau

Using Standard Operating Procedures to Improve Employee and Cow Productivity
Fiona Maunsell

An Advisory Team Approach to Your Farm Management
Lisa Holden

Session VII. Disease Issues and Management

Vaccinating Dry Cows and Calves: With What, When, and Is It Effective at Protecting the Calf?
Amelia Woolums

Why Cows Die on Dairies
Franklyn Garry

High Risk Cows in High Risk Places
Dick Sibley

Buyer Beware – Emerging Diseases Coming to Canadian Dairy Farms
Dave Kelton

Student Presentation Abstracts

Effects of Pair Housing on Feeding Behaviour and Weight Gain in Dairy Calves
J. H. C. Costa, R. K. Meagher, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk and D. M. Weary

Prevalence of Digital Dermatitis in Alberta Dairy Cattle Using Intensive Copper Sulphate Footbath Protocol
Casey E. Jacobs, Karin Orsel, Steve Mason, Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema

Age and Dose Dependent Susceptibility to Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis Infection in Dairy Cattle
Rienske A.R. Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Janet M. Bystrom, Oscar Illanes, Robert Wolf, Maria E. Negron, Gordon Atkins, Jeroen De Buck

Two Feedings of Colostrum within 6 Hours of Birth Improves Serum Immunoglobulin G Levels in Dairy Calves Up To 28 Days of Age
Heather W. Neave, Zoe Cocker, and Douglas M. Veira

Poster Abstracts

How Does Porcine Luteinizing Hormone Increase Pregnancy Rates in Dairy Cows?
A. Behrouzi, M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose

Twin Pregnancies: An Observational Study from Two Alberta Dairy Herds
M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Application of Intravaginal Probiotics to Lower Uterine Infections, Expedite Uterine Involution and Improve Reproductive Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows
Q. Deng, J. F. Odhiambo, U. Farooq, T. Lam, S. M. Dunn, Y. Wang, M. Gänzle, and B. N. Ametaj

Does Feeding Sugars Make Your Cows Sweet?
X. Gao and M. Oba

Serum from Cows Fed Flaxseed Advanced Embryo Development from Lower Quality Oocytes In Vitro
R. Salehi, A. Ruiz-Sanchez, M. Oba, M.K. Dyck, D. J. Ambrose

Identification of Blood Predictive Biomarkers of Lameness in Transition Dairy Cows
G. Zhang, D. Hailemariam, Q. Deng, S. A. Goldansaz, S. M. Dunn, and B. N. Ametaj

Effect of Integrating Synchronization Protocols and Automated Estrus Detection Systems on Pregnancy Rate to First Postpartum Artificial Insemination
T.A. Burnett, A.M.L. Madureira, B.F. Silper, A.C. Fernandes, and R.L.A. Cerri

Factors Affecting Expression of Estrus of Lactating Dairy Cows Using Activity Monitors
A.M.L. Madureira, T.A. Burnett, B.F. Silper, D. Veira, N. Dinn, R.L.A. Cerri

Relationships between Pre and Post Weaning Growth on Estrous Behaviour and Reproductive Parameters of Holstein Heifers
B. F. Silper, A. M. L. Madureira, T. A. Burnett, A. M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, R. L. A. Cerri

Detailed Fingerprinting of Map Bacteria Provides a New Perspective on Johne’s Disease Control and Transmission
Christina A Ahlstrom, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Implications of Calf-To-Calf Transmission of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis (MAP) for Johne’s Disease Management
Caroline Corbett, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

High Nutrition during Early Life Improves Reproductive Potential in Holstein Bulls
Alysha Dance, Jacob Thundathil, Randy Wilde, Patrick Blondin, John Osbourn, John Kastelic

Developing a Marked, Live Attenuated Johne’s Disease Vaccine Strain
Amanda J Mirto, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Milk Proteins for Treating Obesity: Effects on Energy Balance and Glucose Control
Pezeshki, A., Yee, N.J., Fahim, A and Chelikani, P.K.

Fecal Shedding In Dairy Calves Early After Experimental Infection with Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis
Rienske A.R. Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck 

Communication Extension to Alberta Dairy Farmers
Caroline Ritter, Robert Wolf, Steve Mason, Jodi Flaig, Mike Slomp, Charlotte Pickel, Herman Barkema

Effects of Milk Proteins on Cardiovascular Health and Energy Balance
Singh, A., Pezeshki, A., Zapata, R., Yee, N. and Chelikani, P.K

Digital Dermatitis and Footbath Management on Dairy Farms in Alberta
Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema, Miranda Marchand, Steve Mason and Karin Orsel

Shedding of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) by Dairy Calves
Robert Wolf, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen De Buck and Karin Orsel

Association of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcal Intramammary Infections and Somatic Cell Counts
Colleen E. Fitzpatrick, Amanda L. Byers, Christopher D. Luby

Operant Conditioning of Urination by Calves
Alison Vaughan, Anne Marie de Passillé, Joseph Stookey, Jeffrey Rushen.