Table of Contents

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Session I: Future Matters

Can You Use Technology to Uber Proof Your Business?
Marty Seymour

Working Towards a More Socially Sustainable Dairy Industry
Nina von Keyserlingk and Dan Weary

Sustainability of Animal Agriculture in the Global Food System
Robin White

Session II: Secrets of Healthy Feeding

Relationships between Fiber Digestibility and Particle Size for Lactating Dairy Cows
Rick Grant

Corn Silage: Managing the Manageable
Bill Mahanna

Managing Dietary Variation to Maintain or Improve Efficiency
Bill Weiss

Feeding for a Healthy Liver: The Role of Methionine and Choline in Transition Cows
Heather White

Session III: Human and Cattle Well-Being

Five Habits of Highly Effective Farmers
Lisa McCrea

How to Do More for Mental Health in Agriculture
Adelle Stewart

Transporting Cattle in 2020: Research and Regulation Update
Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein

Three Ways to Lose Money on the Farm: A View from the Udder
Ronald Erskine

Session IV: Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition

Bio-Security Management – Producer Panel

Session V: Nurturing the Next Generation

Managing Calf Health and Performance in utero
Geoffrey Dahl

New Concepts in Calf Nutrition: The First Week of Life
Michael Steele

Rethinking Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Calves
Anne Laarman

Economics of Raising Dairy Replacement Heifers
Michael Overton

Session VI: Enhancing Herd Fertility

Trouble-Shooting Reproduction Issues
Jocelyn Dubuc

Potential Impact of Viral Diseases on Conception Rates in Cattle
Claire Wathes

New Strategies to Maximize Pregnancy Outcomes
Jeffrey Stevenson

Genetics and Economics of Using vitro-Produced Embryo Transfer in Dairy Herds
Albert De Vries

Session VII: Herd Health – Protect, Monitor, Investigate

When (Before) Disaster Strikes: Preparation For a Disease Outbreak
Keith Lehman

Investigating Fetal Calf Loss
Cameron Knight

Use of Big Data to Monitor Herd Health
Heather White

Antibiotic Therapy: It’s Not the Drugs, It’s How We Use Them
Ronald Erskine

Poster Abstracts

The Effects of Neomycin in Milk Replacer on the Health and Performance of Dairy Calves
L. N. Buss, T. T. Yohe, L. R. Cangiano, A. Keunen, D. L. Renaud, L. L. Guan, M. A. Steele

Effect of dietary Selenium source on animal performance during immune challenge in lactating Holstein cows
K.M. Cruickshank and M.A. Steele

Associations between herd management, barn design, lameness, and production in farms with robotic milking systems
M.T.M King, R.D. Matson, T.F. Duffield, D.E. Santschi, K. Orsel, E. A Pajor, G.B. Penner, T. Mustvangwa, and T.J. DeVries

Mental health of dairy farmers using robotic milking systems
M. T. M. King, R. D. Matson, and T. J. DeVries

Herd-level management and housing of Canadian robotic milking herds
R.D. Matson, M.T.M King, T.F. Duffield, D.E. Santschi, K. Orsel, E. A Pajor, G.B. Penner, T. Mustvangwa, and T.J. DeVries

Associations of milk production and quality with management and housing of Canadian robotic milking farms
R.D. Matson, M.T.M King, T.F. Duffield, D.E. Santschi, K. Orsel, E. A Pajor, G.B. Penner, T. Mustvangwa, and T.J. DeVries

Heifers with short ano-genital distance conceive sooner and require fewer inseminations
J.E. Carrelli, M. Gobikrushanth, M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

How does Low Blood Calcium close to Calving Relate to Health, Production and Reproduction in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, K. Macmillan and M.G. Colazo

How does the eSense Ear Tag Activity Monitor Perform in Dairy Heifers?
K. Macmillan, M. Gobikrushanth, G. Plastow and M.G. Colazo

Optimizing the Performance of the SCR eSense Activity Monitor in Heifers with Timing of AI
K. Macmillan, M. Gobikrushanth, G. Plastow and M.G. Colazo

Business Analysis of Visual Observation, IRT and Ovsynch as Reproduction Strategies in Alberta Dairies
H.J. Perez Marquez, E. Goddard, C. J. Bench

Ano-genital distance is not affected by the estrous cycle stages in dairy cows
I. Rajesh, M. Gobikrushanth, J.E. Carrelli, D.J. Ambrose

Higher embryo quality and viability in heifers with short anogenital distance
I. Rajesh, J.E. Carrelli, M. Gobikrushanth, D.J. Ambrose

The Diversity of Bovine Digital Dermatitis Bacteria: How to Work Around the Complexity
Benjamin Caddey, Karin Orsel, Jeroen De Buck

Mastitis-related antimicrobial use: Current practices on Canadian dairy farms
E. de Jong, K.D. McCubbin, S. Dufour, M. Fonseca, L.C. Heider, G. Keefe, D.F. Kelton, D, Léger, C. Luby, J. McClure, R.R. Smith, D. Renaud, A, Ravel, J.-P. Roy, J. Sanchez, K. Tahlan, and H.W. Barkema

Communication between veterinarians and dairy farmers: Effect of communication training on communication skills and mental wellbeing in veterinarians, farmer satisfaction and herd health outcomes
L. Dorrestein, H.W. Barkema

Developing and testing a live attenuated Johne’s disease vaccine as a JD control measure
Razieh EshraghiSamani, Jeroen De Buck, Rakel Arrazuria Fernandez, Grace Marie Hudson

The voice of dairy farmers: Implementation of ethnographic field methods to address antibiotic use
Jennifer A. Ida and Herman W. Barkema

Development of an alternative therapeutic method for the control of Bovine mastitis in dairy cows
Wendy Kawenga, Jeroen de Buck, and Herman Barkema.

Communication is the Key – Mitigating Lameness is Only Possible When Working Together
Marlena Knauss, Cindy L. Adams, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel

Developing Novel Therapeutic Alternatives for Bovine Digital Dermatitis
Priyoshi Lahiri, Makaela Douglas, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema and Eduardo R. Cobo

Effective and economic Johne’s disease control using new early disease detection assays
Larissa Martins, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

Cattle Health Surveillance System (CHeSS): Monitoring major infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance in the Western provinces
Kayley D. McCubbin, Ellen de Jong, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, Frank van der Meer, Herman W. Barkema

Rapid detection of antibodies against bovine leukemia virus by bacterial surface complementation assay
Sonia Mukherjee, Jeroen De Buck

Deep learning improves mastitis detection in automated milking systems
S. Ali Naqvi, Meagan T.M. King, Marc Champigny, Trevor J. DeVries, Rob Deardon and Herman W. Barkema

Underlying genetic architecture of mastitis: A systematic review, meta and gene prioritization analysis of GWAS results
Saranya G. Narayana, Ellen de Jong, Flavio Schenkel, Pablo Fonseca, Paul Ronskley and Herman W. Barkema

Investigating virulence factors of Treponema spp. with newly developed molecular tools
Colton Scott

Bovine Leukemia Virus control in dairy cows: Effect of selective removal of high-risk animals on herd prevalence
Sulav Shrestha, Karin Orsel, Herman Barkema, Guido van Marle, Faizal Abdul Careem, Frank van der Meer

Motives and barriers to providing outdoor access for dairy cows
A.M.C. Smid, H.W. Barkema, D.M. Weary, and M.A.G. von Keyserlingk

Accumulating bacteriocin genes in a non-aureus Staphylococccus strain to make it protective against bovine mastitis pathogens
Dennis Vu

Marketing of Male Dairy Calves – Findings and Consensus of an Expert Consultation
Devon J. Wilson, David Fraser

Effects of lipopolysaccharide on the metabolic function of ruminal epithelial cells
Kent-Dennis, C. and G.B. Penner

Nutritional management practices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan farms with automatic milking systems
Julianne Lavoie, R. Matson, T. J. DeVries, G. B. Penner

Effects of Steam Pressure on the Chemical and Rumen Degradation Characteristics of Faba Bean in Dairy Cattle
María E. Rodríguez Espinosa, Dave Christensen, Rex Newkirk, Yongfeng Ai, Victor H. Guevara Oquendo, and Peiqiang Yu

The effect of intestinal Ca-gluconate and Ca-butyrate on ruminal short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) absorption and SCFA concentrations in the gastrointestinal tract of heifers
D.H.M. Watanabe, J. Doelman, G.B. Penner

Association between Protein Molecular Spectral Profiles and Metabolizable Protein Supply, Protein Rumen Degradation Characteristics and Estimated Intestinal Protein Digestion to Dairy Cattle Before and After Rumen Incubation of Faba Bean Partitions and Faba Bean Silage
Ming Yan, David Christensen, Herbert (Bart) Lardner, Víctor H. Guevara-Oquendo, and Peiqiang Yu

Association between Carbohydrate Related Molecular Structure Spectral Profiles and Chemical Profiles, Energy Profiles, CNCPS Profiles and Rumen Degradation Parameters to Dairy Cattle Before and After Rumen Incubation of Faba Bean Partitions and Faba Bean Silage
Ming Yan, Herbert (Bart) Lardner, David Christensen, Víctor H. Guevara-Oquendo, and Peiqiang Yu

Determining the optimal dosage of an innovative fibrolytic enzyme on NDF and DM degradability and kinetics of whole crop faba bean silage in western Canada
Jenchieh Yang, David Christensen, Herbert (Bart) Lardner, Víctor H. Guevara-Oquendo, Basim Refat, Ousama AlZahal, and Peiqiang Yu