Award of Merit

Over the years the dairy industry in Western Canada has benefited from the contributions of many individuals.

The John J Kennelly Western Canadian Dairy Seminar Award of Merit is inspired by the past contributions of Dr. John Kennelly to the seminar and is awarded by the advisory committee to an individual who has made a superior contribution in the areas of education, training, technology transfer or extension to the Western Canadian dairy industry. The award is made annually, if a suitable candidate is nominated, and presented to the recipient at the Seminar in the form of a plaque and a card explaining the history and rationale for the award.

To nominate an individual for the Award of Merit please fill out this form completely. Nominations must be received by September 1 to be eligible for consideration at the following Seminar.

Nominations can be emailed to wcds@ualberta.ca, faxed to (780) 492-5771 or brought to the registration desk at the annual WCDS conference for consideration the following year.

For more information contact Kate Davies by email at wcds@ualberta.ca, by phone at (780) 492-3236.

Initial Recipient

Dr. John Kennelly
Initial recipient of the Award of Merit presented at Western Canadian Dairy Seminar March 2002

Congratulations to John Kennelly who was presented with the Award of Merit at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar (March 5-8, 2002).

John is the initial recipient. In the future, this award will be presented annually at the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar to "an individual in the western Canadian dairy industry who has made a superior contribution in the areas of education, training, technology transfer or extension".


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