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Session I. Enhancing Production Efficiency

Benchmarking Your Feed Efficiency, Feed Costs, and Income over Feed Cost
Mike Hutjens

Using High Quality Forages to Optimize Production
Randy Shaver

Metabolism and Reproduction, the Battle for Nutrients
Jo Leroy

Managing Milking Frequency
Tom McFadden

Session II. Optimizing Reproductive Performance

Maximizing Embryonic and Early Fetal Survival in Dairy Cattle
Keith Inskeep

Effect of Energy Balance on Oocyte and Embryo Quality in Modern Dairy Cows
Jo Leroy

Interaction between Clinical Mastitis, Other Diseases and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows
Amin Ahmadzadeh

Health in the Transition Period and Reproductive Performance
Stephen LeBlanc

Session III. Dairy Industry Updates

Practical Steps to Ensure Your Dairy is Politically and Environmentally Righteous
Joe Zink

Current Status of the European Dairy Industry
Bénédicte Masure

Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Dairy Operations in Canada: A Double Dividend by Accessing Carbon Markets?
Karen Haugen-Kozyra

Animal Welfare Standards for the Dairy Industry: Background and Justification
Jeff Rushen

Session IV. Nutrition Session

Getting the Most from Dietary Starch
Randy Shaver

Variation in the Susceptibility to Ruminal Acidosis: Challenge or Opportunity?
Greg Penner

Refining the Net Energy System
Bill Weiss

The Benefits and Costs of Commodity Feeding
Mike Hutjens

Session V. Farm Management

Farm Management Strategies to Reduce Costs and Increase Returns
Jason Karszes

Feeding Strategies to Decrease Manure Output of Dairy Cows
Bill Weiss

Impact of Flooring on Claw Health and Lameness
Christer Bergsten

Does Higher Production Imply Worse Reproduction?
Stephen LeBlanc

Session VI. Milking Management and Technologies

The Impact of Robotic Milkers On Cow Welfare
Rupert Bruckmaier

Robotic Barn Design
Jack Rodenburg

Robotic Milkers – A Producer’s Perspective
Henrik deGie

On Farm Udder Health Programs
Theo Lam

Session VII. Genomics and Genetic Selection

Understanding Genomics: An Introduction to the Terminology
Jay Shannon

The Benefits of Genomics to the Dairy Industry
Doug Blair

Genetic Achievements of Claw Health by Breeding
Christer Bergsten

The Economics of Using Sexed Semen
Albert De Vries.


Can We Use Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles as a Partial Replacement of Forage?
S. Z. Zhang, G. B. Penner, and M. Oba

Feeding Wheat Distillers Grains Compared with Corn distillers Grains in Dairy Cow Diets: Effect on Milk Production
M. M. Abdelqader, and M. Oba.

Examining the Role of Glucose Transport in Milk Production
P. A. Bentley, Y. Misra, T. B. McFadden, A. D. Morielli and F.-Q. Zhao.

Investigation of Net Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cattle
Gh. Manafiazar, L. Goonewardene, E. Okine, T. McFadden and Z. Wang.

Effect of Forage Proportion and Monensin Supplementation on Milk Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content
R. Mohammed, J.J. Kennelly and J.K.G. Kramer.

Does Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) affect Fermentation in the Hind Gut?
S. Li, D.O. Krause, E. Khafipour, and J.C. Plaizier

Does A 40 D Dry Period With A Single Diet Increase Milk Production?
J.C. Plaizier, L. Lippins, M.L. Connor, and D.O. Krause

Diagnosis of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) using a Diabetes Kit
J.C. Plaizier, S. Li, D. O’Gorman, and D.O. Krause

Sweet Forage Is Good, Twice As Much Is Even Better!
G.RÈgimbald, R.Berthiaume, A. Brito, G.Tremblay, G. Allard, G.BÈlanger, A.Bertrand, Y.Castonguay, R.Michaud and D.Pellerin

35-Day Dry Periods: A New Management for Today’s Cows?
D. E. Santschi, D. M. Lefebvre, R. I. Cue, C. L. Girard and D. Pellerin

Eugenol Supplementation in High or Low Concentrate Diets: Effects on Ruminal Fermentation, Protozoa Counts, And In Situ Ruminal Degradation of Soybean Meal, Hay, and Corn Grain In Dairy Cows Fed
C. Benchaar

Eugenol Supplementation In High Or Low Concentrate Diets: Effects On Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Nitrogen Retention, Milk Production, And Milk Composition Of Dairy Cows.
C. Benchaar

Supply of Feed Protein and Bioavailable Lys by Corn Distiller Grain in the Intestine
Y. L. Li, W. Z. Yang, and L. Armentano

Short Dry Period Management to Improve Feed Efficiency in Early Lactation
M. Jolicoeur, A. F. Brito, D. Pellerin, D. Lefebvre, R. Berthiaume and C. L. Girard

Posted in 2010.