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Session I. Current and Future Challenges In Dairying

Defining the Future of Animal Agriculture
Charlie Arnot

Finding the Tools to Achieve Longevity in Canadian Dairy Cows
Blair Murray

International Dairy Market Prospects: Promising Future But Ensure Seat Belts Buckled And Crash Hats On!
David Hughes

Why Science Isn’t Enough – What Consumers Need To Trust Dairy Today
Charlie Arnot

Session II. Reproduction

Linking Reproduction and Hoof Health
Ronaldo Cerri

How to Minimize the Impacts of Dystocia on the Health and Survival of Dairy Calves
Jason Lombard

Using Behavior to Improve Housing and Management Around the Time of Calving
Margit Bak Jensen

New Research on Controlled Breeding Programs for Dairy Cattle
Marcos Colazo

Session III. The Dairy Industry-Consumer Continuum

Influencing Fluid Milk Sales with Innovative Product Attributes
Ellen Goddard

The Trans Pacific Partnership: Implications for Supply Management and the Canadian Dairy Industry
Bruce Muirhead

Dairy Farming under the Social Media Microscope
Christina Crowley

Sharing the Canadian Dairy Farmer Story with Our Consumers and Elected Officials
Wally Smith

Session IV. New Approaches and Technologies in Dairying

New Technologies in Precision Dairy Management
Jeffrey Bewley

Application and Cost Effectiveness of Dairy Genomics
Blair Murray

Strategies for Increasing On-Farm Profitability
Rebecca White

Group Housing and Milk Feeding Of Dairy Calves
Margit Bak Jensen

Session V. Feeding and Forages

Impact of Feeding Management on Cow Behaviour, Health, and Productivity
Trevor DeVries

Nutritional Management of Milk Fat
Adam Lock

Getting More from Our Conventional Feeds: Barley Grain and Barley Silage
Masahito Oba

High Quality Forages – How Sweet Should They Be?
Robert Berthiaume

Session VI. Digital Dermatitis and Lameness

Non-Infectious Lameness
André Desrochers

Digital Dermatitis: Dynamics and Management
Arturo Gomez Rivas

Treatment Strategies for Digital Dermatitis for the UK
Marijntje Speijers

Decreasing Lameness and Increasing Cow Comfort on Alberta Dairy Farms
Laura Solano

Session VII. Dairy Health and Productivity

Performance on Dairy Farms – Findings from NAHMS Studies
Jason Lombard

The Norwegian Mastitis Control Program: Lessons to Learn
Olav Østerås

Using Physiological Markers to Detect Health and Production Problems in Transition Dairy Cows
Julie Huzzey

Practical Methods for Mastitis Control
Christina Petersson-Wolfe


Effectiveness of On-Farm Tools for Measuring Colostrum Quality
Amanda Bartier, Claire Windeyer and Lorraine Doepel

Can You Identify Acidosis Tolerant Cows In Your Herd?
X.S. Gao and M. Oba

The Maternity Pen from the Cow’s Perspective
K. L. Proudfoot, D. M. Weary, M. B. Jensen, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk

Reducing Milk Leakage at Dry-Off
G. Zobel, D.M. Weary, K. Leslie and M.A.G. von Keyserlingk

Pregnancy per AI in Holstein Heifers Inseminated With Sexed Semen after Detected Estrus or Timed-AI
M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Effect of Pasteurization on Uptake of Colostral IgG in the Newborn Calf in the First 12 Hours
C. Kent-Dennis, A. Ruiz-Sanchez, W. Dixon, and T. B. McFadden

Investigation of Net Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cattle
G. Manafiazar, T. McFadden, L. Goonewardene, E. Okine, and Z. Wang

Effect of a Novel Biochemical Approach on Methane Production and Animal Performance
J. Haisan, Y. Sun, L. Guan, K. Beauchemin, S. Duval, D.R. Barred and M. Oba

Limited Supply of Phenylalanine and Threonine, but Not Tryptophan, Decreases Milk Protein Yield
I.H. Irosha1, H. Lapierre, and L. Doepel

Age and Dose Dependent Susceptibility to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection in Dairy Cattle
Rienske Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Gwen Roy, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck

Clinical Mastitis Caused by Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci in Canadian Dairy Herds
Larissa A. Zeni Condas, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema.

Johne’s Disease Transmission: Investigating the Diversity of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in the Canadian Dairy Industry
Christina A Ahlstrom, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Genetic Variability of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Persistently Infected Cattle within Western Canadian Dairy Herds
Natalie Dow and Frank van der Meer

Economic Evaluation of Participation in the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative (AJDI) From A Farmer’s Perspective
Wolf, R, Clement, F, Barkema, HW and Orsel, K

How Fast Does the Rumen Adapt?
B.L. Schurmann, M.E. Walpole, P. Gorka, and G.B. Penner

Does The Concentration of Ruminal Ammonia Affect the Urea Recycled to the Rumen?
M.E. Walpole, G.B. Penner, and T. Mutsvangwa

Increasing Diet Fermentability Increases Urea Recycled To the Rumen
M.E. Walpole, B.L. Schurmann, P. Gorka, G.B. Penner, M. E. Loewen, and T. Mutsvangwa

Calves Can Be Taught To Urinate In A Specific Place
Alison Vaughan, Anne Marie de Passille, Joseph Stookey, Jeffrey Rushen

Combination of Bacterial and Yeast Probiotics for Lactating Cows Submitted To a Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis Challenge
J. Chiquette, J. Lagrost, C.Girard, G.Talbot, S. Li3 and K.Plaizier

Effects of Different N-6/N-3 Fatty Acid Ratios and Of the Mammalian Lignan Enterolactone on Dairy Cow Endometrial Cells.
M.F. Palin, C. Hallé, A.K. Goff, H.V. Petit, R. Blouin

Reducing Metabolic Stress of Dairy Cows during the Transition Period by Partial Milking or Nursing.
E. Carbonneau, A-M De Passille, J. Rushen, B. Talbot and P.Lacasse

Rumen Degradability Of Four Protein Sources: Soybean Meal (SBM), Canola Meal (CM) And Corn or Wheat Dried Distillers Grains (DDG)
G. Maxin, D.R. Ouellet and H. Lapierre

Effect of Increasing Amounts of Corn Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles in Dairy Cow Diets on Enteric Methane Emissions, Digestibility, and Milk Production.
C. Benchaar, F. Hassanat, R. Gervais, P. Y. Chouinard, D. I. Massé

Osteopontin Gene Is Associated with Johne’s Disease
N. Bissonnette

Evaluation of DM, NDF, and Starch Ruminal Degradabilities of Corn Hybrids: A Three-Year Study.
Ouellet, D. R., Tremblay, G. F., and Mustafa, A. F.

Effects of Diets Rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) Levels and Potential for Genetic Selection of MUN
E.M. Ibeagha-Awemu, A.A. Ammah, F. Beaudoin, N. Bissonnette and C. Benchaar

Feeding Canola Meal to Dairy Cows: A Meta-Analysis Suggests That NRC (2001) Underestimates the Supply of Metabolizable Protein from Canola Meal
R. Martineau, D. R. Ouellet, and H. Lapierre

An Investigation of the Effects of Ketoprofen Following Rumen Fistulation Surgery in Lactating Dairy Cows
Nathalie C. Newby, Cassandra B. Tucker, David L. Pearl, Stephen J. LeBlanc, Ken E. Leslie, Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk, Todd F. Duffield

Assessing Variability in Dairy Heifer Body Weights
G.B. Bond, M. von Keyserlingk, N. Chapinal, E.A. Pajor, D. Weary

Dairy Producer Knowledge Of and Agreement with the Code of Practices Regarding Calf Management in the Province Of Alberta
G.B. Bond, C. Tse, E.A. Pajor

Dairy Management Practices in Alberta and its Accordance to the Code of Practices
C. Tse, G. Bond, E. Vasseur, A.M. de Passille, J. Rushen, E. Pajor

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