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Session I: Sustainable Dairy for Society’s Challenges

Trends and Opportunities in Reducing the Environmental Footprint of Dairy Farms
Tim McAllister

Building Public Trust in Food and Farming
Kim McConnell

Inbreeding: New Solutions for an Old Problem
Christine Baes

Session II: Adopting New Trends/Technologies to Bolster On-Farm Nutrition

How Can Automation be Used to Optimize Cow Nutrition?
Trevor DeVries

Session III: Reproduction

Transition Period Health and Reproduction: Preparing for a Successful Pregnancy
Stephen LeBlanc

What Activity Monitors Can and Cannot do Today
Ronaldo Cerri

Session IV Student Research

Increasing fitness for transport in cull dairy cows
Nicole Burdusco

The effect of dietary cation-anion difference and dietary buffer for lactating dairy cattle during mild heat stress
Claire Bertens

Effects of offering free choice timothy hay in addition to TMR during the first five days postpartum on health and performance of dairy cows
Lauren Engelking

Effects of supplementing colostrum beyond the first day of life on growth and health factors in preweaned Holstein heifers
Hannah McCarthy

Exploring persistence of non-aureus staphylococci in the mammary gland using a lactating cow model
Dennis Vu

Session V: Producer Panel and Virtual Farm Tours

The Big Change – Producer Panel

To view the virtual farm tours click here.

Session VI: Preventing Diseases in the Future

Importance of Selective Antibiotic Use: Drying Off and Clinical Mastitis
Herman Barkema

Prevention and Control of Salmonella in Dairy Cattle
Luc Bergeron

Session VII: Calf Management

Starting Calves Off Right: Back to the Basics on Colostrum Management
Sarah Parsons

Optimizing Health and Welfare in the Pre-Weaned Calf
Charlotte Winder

Session VIII: Healthy People, Healthy Cows

Wellbeing and Productive Farming
Cynthia Beck

Session IX: Emerging Trends

Minimizing Stress to Enhance Cow Health and Productivity
Meagan King

Managing Health and Rumination Data: Getting the Most Out of your Technology
Jake Vermeer

Beef on Dairy Crosses: Diversification and Income Potential
Kee Jim

Poster Competition Abstracts

Postpartum health is associated with detection of estrus by activity monitors in dairy cows
T. C. Bruinjé, E. I. Morrison, E. S. Morrison, D. Renaud, R. Couto Serrenho, and S. J. LeBlanc

Effect of transition diet starch content, parity, and milking number on total sialic acids in the protein and carbohydrate fractions of colostrum and transition milk of Holstein dairy cattle
A. J. Fischer-Tlustos, J. Haisan, W. Shi, K. Naratana, C. Tomiyama, S. Bakker, J. O. Cant, M. Oba, W. F. Zandberg, and M. A. Steele

Assessment of hindgut microbial functional shift related to nutritional diarrhea in postpartum dairy cows
Y. Hao, L. Guan, and S. Li

Effect of iodine source on dairy cow colostrum production and growth and health of their calves
K. R. Johnston, D. C. Reyes, K. N. Klobucher, T. C. Stahl, P. S. Erickson, and A. F. Brito

Do transition milk and colostrum feedings provide benefits to dairy calves’ gastrointestinal tract after transportation?
M. Tortadès, S. Marti, M. Devant, and M. Terré

Effects of weaning strategies on health, hematology, and productivity in Holstein dairy calves
A. Wolfe, P. Rezamand, B. C. Augstinho, D. E. Konetchy, and A. H. Laarman

Within-herd transmission of Mycoplasma bovis infection in 20 Dutch dairy herds
M. M. Biesheuvel

Effect of selective clinical mastitis treatments on cure, somatic cell count, recurrence and culling: Systematic review and meta-analysis
E. de Jong

The use of an optimized protocol to isolate eight novel bacteriophages with the ability to lyse MAP
V. Harman-Mckenna and J. de Buck

Assessing herd-level Johne’s disease prevalence based on environmental samples
L. Martins, K. Orsel, J. de Buck, and H. W. Barkema

Herd-level prevalence of bovine leukosis and neosporosis in Alberta dairy herds using bulk tank milk samples
W. Shaukat, E. de Jong, K. D. McCubbin, M. Biesheuvel, K. Orsel, and H. W. Barkema

The effect of high and low progesterone exposure treatments in a crossover trial on estrous expression and ovulation timing in Holstein heifers
A. L. Boyle, J. C. S. Marques, S. M. Moore, A. Bega, J. Denis-Robichaud, A. M. L. Madureira, T. A. Burnett, C. F. Baes, and R. L. A. Cerri

The impact of progesterone concentrations during superovulation of Holstein heifers in a randomized trial
J. C. S. Marques, J. P. O. Maciel, J. Denis-Robichaud, R. A. Conceicao, A. M. Bega, S. Moore, and R. L. A. Cerri

Effects of raw and steam pressure toasted faba bean seeds in diets of high producing dairy cows
M. E. Rodriguez Espinosa, D. Christensen, R. W. Newkirk, Y. Ai, A. H. Guevara Oquendo, and P. Yu

General Abstracts

Associations between personality traits of dairy cows and their heifer offspring
S. C. Czachor, A. J. Schwanke, J. E. Brasier, B. J. Van Soest, and T. J. DeVries

Effects of weaning and tyndallized Lactobacillus helveticus supplementation on dairy calf behavioral and physiological indicators of affective state
B. K. McNeil, D. L. Renaud, M. A. Steele, L. R. Cangiano, M. F. Olmeda, and T. J. DeVries

Effect of dairy cow personality traits on feeding and milking behaviour of cows milked in automated systems
A. J. Schwanke, J. E. Brasiert, and T. J. DeVries

Associations of herd-level housing and management practices during the dry period with early-lactation udder health in herds with automated milking systems
C. A. Wagemann-Fluxá, B. J. Van Soest, D. F. Kelton, and T. J. DeVries

Optimizing GnRH-based protocols for timed-AI in Holstein heifers
M. G. Colazo, R. J. Mapletoft, and A. Behrouzi

Comparison of two intravaginal progesterone-releasing devices in Holstein cows synchronized with a 5-d GnRH-based TAI protocol: preliminary results
M. G. Colazo, R. J. Mapletoft, and A. Behrouzi

Factors associated with estrus expression determined by an activity monitoring system in dairy cows administered prostaglandin F2α
M. G. Colazo, A. Behrouzi, and M. Gobikrushanth

Evaluating the optimum timing of insemination in dairy cows identified in estrus by an activity monitoring system
M. G. Colazo, A. Behrouzi, and M. Gobikrushanth

Implementation, impacts and economic aspects of selective dry cow therapy and selective treatment of clinical mastitis in Canadian dairy herds
J. S. Bodaneze, K. D. McCubbin, E. de Jong, K. Orsel, J. de Buck, D. Renaud, C. Ritter, D. Nobrega, and H. W. Barkema

Determinants of antimicrobial resistance patterns in bovine mastitis Streptococcus isolates from Canadian dairy herds
B. Caddey, D. Nobrega, J. de Buck, and H. W. Barkema

Identifying reservoirs of bacteria involved in digital dermatitis in dairy cows and farms with different disease status
A. Dias, K. Orsel and J. de Buck

Clearance of a genetically modified Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis strains from calf tissue and partial protection against infection
R. Eshraghisamani and J. de Buck

Bovine mastitis and S. chromogenes; concerns, conundrums, and characteristics
M. Ghanduri

Evaluation of calves testing strategy to support Johne’s disease control programs and early disease detection assays
A. C. Pereira, K. Orsel, J. de Buck, and H. W. Barkema

Bovine leukemia virus proviral load as a measure for selective removal of cattle for bovine leukosis control
S. Shrestha, K. Orsel, H. W. Barkema, G. van Marle, M. F. Abdul-Careem, and F. van der Meer

Understanding the effects of different types of outdoor access on dairy cow health
A. M. C. Smid, B. Traub, and H. W. Barkema

The impact of farm tours on public knowledge and perception of dairy farming
A. M. C. Smid, H. W. Barkema, B. Traub, and B. A. Ventura

The effect of exogenous GnRH at the time of artificial insemination on luteinizing hormone in lactating Holstein cows
R. S. Conceicao, A. Bega, J. C. S. Marques, S. Moore, J. Denis-Robichaud, C. F. Baes, and R. L. A. Cerri

The effect of high or low concentration of progesterone during diestrus and its association with intensity of oestrus in lactating Holstein cattle
R. S. Conceicao, A. M. L. Madueira, J. C. S. Marques, J. Patu, A. M. Bega, S. Moore, C. F. Baes, and R. L. A. Cerri

The effect of high or low concentration of progesterone during diestrus and its association with the LH surge and PGF2α metabolite in lactating Holstein cattle
R. S. Conceicao, A. M. L. Madueira, J. C. S. Marques, J. Patu, A. M. Bega, S. Moore, C. F. Baes, and R. L. A. Cerri

Investigating the importance of subclinical ketosis in robotic milking systems
S. M. Moore, R. Conceicao, J. C. S. Marques, J. Denis-Robichaud, and R. L. A. Cerri

Nutritional evaluation of energy value, total digestible nutrients and feed milk value of chickpea varieties growth in western canada for dairy cows
L. Cerna and P. Yu

Nutritional evaluation of metabolizable protein and degraded protein balance of chickpea varieties growth in western Canada for dairy cows
L. Cerna and P. Yu.

How does the duration of low feed intake affect the ruminant gastrointestinal tract?
K. Lambert, A. C. Chagas, K. Burakowska, D. Watanabe, K. Hare, and G. B. Penner

Effects of processing severity for reconstituted high moisture barley with variable kernel size on ensiling characteristics and in vitro ruminal fermentation
B. Lynch, T. Mutsvangwa, R. O. Ribeiro, and G. B. Penner

Processing induced change in feed milk value of oat grain in comparison with common barley grain for lactating dairy cows: Effect of technological treatments
M. R. Tosta, L. L. Prates, M. E. Rodriguez Espinosa, and P. Yu

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