Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Challenges and Opportunities for the Dairy Industry

Benchmarking: What the Top and Bottom Herds in Canada are Doing
Jean Brisson

The Impact of Lactation on Reproductive Performance
Bill Thatcher

Robotic Milking Systems ñ Are they the Way of the Future?
Jack Rodenburg

Session II. Itís All about Energy

What On-farm Energy Audits Can do for Your Dairy Operation?
Courtney Oishi

The Biofuel Industry and its Impact on Dairying and Feed Costs
Scott Wright

Using Wheat Distillers Grains in Dairy Cow Diets
John McKinnon

Maximizing Energy Utilization by Reducing Methane Production in Your Cows
Karen Beauchemin

Session III. Human Resource Management

Human Resources in a Growing Family Business
Bill Vanderkooi

Succession Planning for Your Dairy Operation
Murray Pituley

Attracting High Quality Employees
Bob Milligan

Labour Efficiency and its Importance in Profitability
Jack Rodenburg

Session IV. Optimum Nutrition for Optimum Production

Reducing the Variation Between Formulated and Consumed Rations
Bill Stone

Using Dietary Fats to Improve Reproductive Performance in Lactating Dairy Cows
Bill Thatcher

Challenges of Growing Corn Silage in a Northern Climate
Vern Baron

Avoiding Mycotoxin Production in Your Dairy Feeds
Lon Whitlow

Session V. Policy and Regulation

The Impact of AOPA (Agricultural Operation Practices Act) on Dairy Farm Expansion
Keith Wilson

Property Insurance for Your Dairy Operation – Are You Fully Covered?
Keith Peppinck

Adequate Liability Insurance is a Must
Gary Skogberg

Are You Losing the Right to Farm?
Keith Wilson

Session VI. Breeding and Genetics

Trends in the Canadian Dairy Cattle Improvement Industry
Brian Van Doormaal

Real Numbers: Functional Trait Impact on Dairy Profitability
Nate Zwald

Using Conformational Anatomy to Identify Functionality & Economics of Dairy Cows
Gordon Atkins

Session VII. Management Practices to Improve Cow Performance

Tracking the Cause of Death to Minimize Cow Losses
Bill Stone

Managing Anovulation and Cystic Ovaries in Dairy Cows
Walter Johnson

Making the Most of Your Dairy Rations Through Feed Bunk Management and Design
Trevor DeVries

New Approaches to Mastitis Prevention
Herman Barkema


Fenugreek Haylage and Dairy Cow Productivity
A.W. Alemu and L. Doepel

Fenugreek as Forage for Dairy Cattle
J.E. Montgomery, J.R King, and L. Doepe

Effects of Feeding Triticale Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles as a Protein Source on Productivity of Lactating Dairy Cows
M. Oba, T.D. Whyte, K.T. Wierenga, and G.B. Penner

Effect of Chloride-Enriched Timothy Hay on the Capability to Maintain Calcium Homeostasis in Dairy Cows
M. Oba, V. S. Heron, and G.F. Tremblay

Chloride-Enriched Timothy Hay Prevents Milk Fever
G.B. Penner, M. Oba, G.F. Tremblay, and T. Dow

Dry Period Diets Affect Postpartum Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cows
M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose, A. Hayirli, and L. Doepel

Increased Pregnancy Rates in Dairy Cows Following a Modified Ovsynch/TAI

M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose, B.M. Gordon, R. Rajamahendran, and R.J. Mapletoft

Transcriptomic Analysis of In Vivo-Expressed Genes in Staphylococcus
Aureus During Bovine Mastitis

M. Allard, C. Ster, L. St-James, P. Lacasse, M.S. Diarra, C.L. Jacob,
and F. Malouin

Spermatozoal Transcriptome Profile as Marker For Bull Fertility and Spermatozoal Motility: A Potential Tool to Evaluate Semen Quality
N. Bissonnette, N., J.-P. Levesque-Sergerie, and G. Boissonneault

Automated Detection of Lameness in Dairy Through Measures of Weight Distribution
N. Chapina, A.M. de Passille, and J. Rushen

Effect of Feeding Essential Oils and Monensin on Fatty Acid Profiles of Milk Fat
M. L. He, W.Z. Yang, C. Benchaar, A.V. Chaves, and T.A. McAllister

Impact of Postpartum Milking Frequency on the Immune System and Metabolic Diseases of Dairy Cows
M.C. Loiselle, C. Ster, B. Talbot, and P. Lacasse

Selection for Longevity in Canadian Dairy Cattle
Asheber Sewalem and Filippo Miglior

Impact of Forage Proportion and Particle Length on Supply of Amino Acids
Wen Z. Yang and Karen A. Beauchemin

Development of Alternate Markers For Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
N. Gakhar, S. Li, D.O. Krause, E. Khafipoor, K. Ominski and J.C. Plaizier

Effect of Alfalfa-Pellet and Grain-Pellet Induced Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) on Feed and Water Intake, Milk Production, and Endotoxin in Feces and Rumen Fluid
N. Gakhar, S. Li, D.O. Krause, E. Khafipoor, K. Ominski, and J.C. Plaizier

Effects of Grain Induced Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) On Feeding Behaviour of Lactating Dairy Cows
S. Li, E. Khafipoor, D.O. Krause, and J. C. Plaizier

Effects of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) Induced By Feeding a Pelleted Diet on Feeding Behaviour of Lactating Dairy Cows
S. Li, E. Khafipoor, D.O. Krause, and J. C. Plaizier