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Session I. The Past, the Present and the Future

The Western Canadian Dairy Seminar – The First 25 Years
John Kennelly

Nutritional Strategies of the Future
Mike Hutjens

Organic Dairying – Can It Work for You?
Richard Kersbergen

A Producerís Perspective of the Canadian and American Dairy Industry
Gordon Speirs

Session II. Nutrition Update

Management Practices to Optimize Silage Quality and Yield
Jane King

Advancements in Feeding Carbohydrates
Maurice Eastridge

Does Negative Energy Balance Limit Milk Synthesis in Early Lactation?
Lance Baumgard

Feed Additives – The Good, the Bad, and the Useless
Mike Hutjens

Session III. Dairy Farm Policy

Options for Supply Management in Canada with Trade Liberalization: Implications of Canadaís Dairy Sector
John Cranfield

Australian Dairy Market Deregulation: Coping with Policy Change
David Harris

Milk Protein Ingredients in Canada: A Perspective
Pierre Doyle

Session IV. Cow Health

Prevention of Postpartum Uterine Disease
Stephen LeBlanc

Laminitis – Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Pieter Kloosterman

Automated Detection of Lameness in Dairy Cows
Mark Varner

Johne’s Disease in Alberta
Hernan Ortegon

Session V. Reproductive Management

Profitable Reproductive Management of High-Producing Dairy Herds
Richard Pursley

Economics of Improving Reproductive Performance in Dairy Herds
Stephen LeBlanc

Current Status and Applications of New Embryo Technologies in Dairy Herd Management
Peter Hansen

Reproductive Status of Dairy Herds in Alberta: A Closer Look
Divakar Ambrose

Session VI. Focus on the Calf

Passive Immunity in Newborn Calves
Jim Quigley

Pasteurization of Non-Saleable Milk and Colostrum
Sandra Godden

Keeping Your Calves Healthy
Ken Leslie

On-Farm Calf-Rearing Techniques to Minimize Death Loss
Cathy Speirs

Session VII. The Cow and Her Environment

Developing Biosecurity Programs for Dairy Herds
Sandra Godden

Hidden Factors Affecting Fertility
Peter Hansen

Whole Farm Nitrogen and Phosphorus Management
Grant Clark

The “On-The-Dairy Self-Evaluation Guide”
Mark Varner


Barley Grain Feeding in Lactating Dairy Cows
L. Doepel, T.D. Whyte, B.N. Ametaj, and A. Hayirli

Potential of Fenugreek as Forage for Dairy Cattle
J.E. Montgomery, J.R King, and L. Doepel

Does the Form of Diet and Method of Feeding Influence Milk CLA Content?
R. Mohammed, D.R. Glimm, M. OíDonovan, C.S. Stanton, J.J. Kennelly, J.F. Mee and J.J. Murphy

The Occurrence and Severity of Ruminal Acidosis Surrounding Calving
G.B. Penner, K.A. Beauchemin, and T. Mutsvangwa

Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows: Balancing Physically Effective Fiber with Starch Availability
Karen A. Beauchemin

When Do Dairy Cows Sort Their TMR?
Wen Z. Yang and Karen A. Beauchemin

Essential Oils and Monensin Affect Ruminal Digestion and Milk Fat Yield of Dairy Cows
W. Z. Yang, C. Benchaar, A. V. Chaves, M. L. He, and T. A. McAllister

Effect of Planting Date on Starch Accumulation of Whole Crop Barley
L. McKeown, M.A. Bal, M. Oba, V. S. Baron

Planting Date May Affect Yield and Nutrient Composition of Whole-plant Small-grain Forages
L. Manson, M. A. Bal, M. Oba, and V. S. Baron

Lower Dietary Crude Protein May Increase Glucose Utilization in Ruminant Intestinal Mucosa
Prajwal R. Regmi, Walter T. Dixon and Masahito Oba

Reduced Pregnancy Losses in Dairy Cows Fed Flaxseed
D.J. Ambrose, C.T. Estill, R. Rajamahendran, M.G. Colazo, J.P. Kastelic, M. Gordon, R. Corbett, N. Dinn3, D. Veira

Transcriptomic Analysis of Staphylococcus Aureus Virulence and Iron-Regulated Genes during Bovine Mastitis
M. Allard, C. Ster, C. L. Jacob, H. Moisan, P. Lacasse, M. S. Diarra, and F. Malouin

Evaluation of a New Antigen for Vaccination against Staphyloccoccus Aureus Causing Bovine Mastitis
C. Ster, F. Beaudoin, M. Jacques, F. Malouin, M. S. Diarra, P. Lacasse

International Standards for Transporting Cattle and Their Effect on Animal Welfare
David Val-Laillet, Mohammad Shah, Gosia Zobel, Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein, Anne Marie de Passillé and Jeff Rushen

Feeding Behaviour and Response to Weaning of Calves Fed Limited or Ad Libitum Milk Using an Automated Feeding System
Borderas, T.F., J. P. Rushen, and A.M.B. de Pasillé

Soft, High-Friction Flooring Improves Gait of Cows With and Without Sole Ulcers
F. C. Flower, A. M. de Passillé, D. M. Weary, D. J. Sanderson, and J. Rushen

Posted in 2007.