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Session I. Getting the Most Out of Your Cows

Managing the Dairy Farm: Key Performance Indicators
Tom Fuhrmann

Feeding Dairy Cows for Longevity
Randy Shaver

Feed Efficiency: Its Economic Impact In Lactating Dairy Cows
Jim Linn

Genetics of Longevity and Productive Life
Kent Weigel

Session II. Feeding and Management

Minimizing Subclinical Metabolic Diseases in Dairy Cows
Todd Duffield

Challenges in Protein Nutrition for Dairy Cows
Lorraine Doepel

Assessing and Adjusting the Energy Value of Feeds
Bill Weiss

New Forage Options for Western Canada
Surya Acharya

Session III. The Business of Dairying

Motivating Employees
Tom Fuhrmann

An Integrated Precision Production and Environmental Management Analysis of a Kentucky Dairy Farm
Carl Dillon

Product Quality in the Canadian Dairy Industry
Kathy Baylis

Session IV. Lessons Learned on Farm

Marginal Thinking: Making Money on a Dairy Farm
Steve Eicker

Feeding Practices of High-Producing Herds: What Can We Learn?
Herb Bucholtz

Benchmarking High Producing Herds
Randy Shaver

Challenges Facing the Dairy Industry Today
Carl Loewith

Session V. Water, Vitamins and Minerals

Water, the Forgotten Nutrient
Vern Osborne

Meeting the Mineral Needs of Dairy Cows
Mike Socha

Impact of Minerals in Water on Dairy Cows
Jim Linn

Are Your Cows Getting the Vitamins They Need?
Bill Weiss

Session VI. Health and Management

Controlling Inbreeding in Modern Dairy Breeding Programs
Kent Weigel

Mastitis: The Canadian Perspective
Richard Olde Riekerink

The Role of Hygiene in Efficient Milking
Pamela Ruegg

On-Farm Carcass Disposal Options for Dairies
Kim Stanford

Session VII. Milking Management

Planning and Starting a New Milking Parlour: Software to Estimate Milking Center Costs and Performance
Doug Reinemann

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Milking Routines
Pamela Ruegg

Tools for Milk Quality
Ralph Farnsworth

Canadian Quality Milk Program – An Update
Nicole Sillet


Effect of Wheat Supplementation on Lactation Performance in Dairy Cows
L. Doepel, A. Cox, and A. Hayirli

Effect of Dietary Wheat Supplementation on Dairy Cow Performance Is Not Influenced By the Addition of Rumen Buffers
L. Doepel and A. Cox

Harvesting the Health Promise of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Vince Ohama, CLA Network Manager, Bruce Beattie, CLA Network Chair

Effect of Grain Source on the Requirements of Dairy Cows for Physically Effective Fibre
Wen Z. Yang and Karen A. Beauchemin

Benefits of Managing Methane Emissions from Dairy Cows
Sean M. McGinn and Karen A. Beauchemin

Feed intake, Digestion, Milk Production, and Milk Composition in Dairy Cows Fed Natural Plant Extracts.
C. Benchaar

Effect Of Post-Ruminal Supply Of Amino Acids On Feed Intake And Milk Production Of Lactating Dairy Cows
T. Whyte, A. Hayirli, H. Lapierre, and L. Doepel

Effects of Timing of Feed Delivery on Daily Rhythms in Glucose and Insulin in Blood Plasma and Glucose Tolerance in Dairy Cows
Furedi, C.J., Kennedy, A.D., Nikkhah, A. Plaizier, J.C

Could Luteotropic Agents Prevent Or Delay The Effect Of Prostaglandin F2 In Cattle?
D. J. Ambrose, G. Thangavelu, M. G. Colazo, L. A. Goonewardene

Fertility Profile Determination in Bovine Spermatozoa: Marker Linked To NRR
Claudia Lalancette, Catherine Thibault and Nathalie Bissonnette

Feed Stalls Affect the Social and Feeding Behaviour of Lactating Dairy Cows
T. J. DeVries and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk

Use of a Local Anaesthetic to Validate Two Measures of Lameness in Dairy Cows.
Jeffrey Rushen, Emilie Pombourcq and Anne Marie de Passillé

Posted in 2006.