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Session I.  Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Are the Immediate Challenges Faced by the British Dairy Industry Applicable to Canada?
Gwyn Jones

What Does the Re-vamp of the Canadian Food Guide Mean for Dairy?
Harvey Anderson

Dairy Cows with Less Antibiotics!
Tine van Werven

Session II.  Principles of Farm Management

A Requirement for Dairy Farm Success: Hiring and Retaining an Excellent Workforce
Bob Milligan

Motivating On-Farm Change
Steven Roche

What is Happening in Facility Design to Improve Cow Comfort and Health?
Jan Hulsen

Benchmarking Health and Management across the Canadian Dairy Herd
David Kelton

Session III.  Fundamentals of Nutritional Management

Adapting Current Practices to Automatic Milking Systems: Pros and Cons
Àlex Bach

Nutritional Management of Fresh Cows: Helping for a Smooth Take Off
Masahito Oba

Recent Advances in Our Understanding of Fatty Acid Digestion and Metabolism in Lactating Dairy
Adam Lock

Keys to Producing High Quality Corn Silage in Western Canada
Karen Beauchemin

Session IV.  Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition

What are the Risk Factors for Digital Dermatitis and How Big is their Influence?
Ellen de Jong

Genetic Analysis of Subclinical Mastitis Resistance in Early Lactation
Saranya Narayana

The Quantity of Concentrate Offered in an Automated Milking System (AMS) on Dry matter Intake (DMI), Milking Frequency, Milk and Component Yield, and Ruminal Fermentation When Provided Isocaloric Diets
Keshia Paddick

Offering Differing Planes of Nutrition to Holstein Heifer Calves in the Pre- and Post-Weaning Phases and the Effects on Intake, Growth, and Efficiency
Justin Rosadiuk

Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Product Supplementation and Starch Content of Fresh Diets on Performance of Dairy Cows in Early Lactation
Weina Shi

High Management Score Herds: How Do They Achieve It? – Producer Panel
Cees Haanstra, Chris McLaren, and Dave Taylor

Session V.  Replacements – Management Pre- and Post-weaning

Setting the Stage for the Future Cow: Managing and Feeding During Early Life
Àlex Bachall

What You Need to Know Before, During and After Transitioning to Group Housing of Calves: Key Considerations
Joao Costa

Rethinking Colotrum: It’s More Than Just Immunoglobulins
Mike Van Amburgh

Digestibility of Starter Feeds in Calves: Modeling the Effects of Liquid Intake and Weaning on Digestibility of Nutrients in Pre- and Post-weaned Dairy Calves
James Quigley

Session VI.  Advances in Genetics and Reproduction

Genetics, Genomics and Beyond: What to Expect From New Technologies in Dairy Cattle Breeding
Christine Baes

Farm Management Decisions in the Era of Genomics
Brian Van Doormaal

Can Genomics be Used to Improve Reproductive Performance?
Pablo Pinedo

New Advances in the Management of Uterine Disease
Fabio Lima

Session VII.  Technology and Facilities

New Developments in Mastitis Research
Tine van Werven

Lessons Learned from the Canadian Johne’s Disease Programs
Herman Barkema

Stop Creating Lameness – Detecting Lame Cows: Anytime and All the Time
Karin Orsel

Lameness Treatment and Prevention: No Pain, No Lame
Gerard Cramer

Poster Abstracts

Maximizing rates of genetic progress in Canadian dairy cattle by using alternate genomic methodologies
L.F. Brito, A.R.Guarini, H.R. de Oliveira, Z. Karimi, K. Alves, F. Miglior, F.S. Schenkel

Capitalizing on mid-infrared spectral data for the improvement of milk composition and cow health
A. Fleming, S. Nayeri, R. A. Ali, M. Corredig, F. S. Schenkel, and F. Miglior

Behavior and productivity of fresh cows in robotic herds prior to diagnosis of health disorders
M. King, S. LeBlanc, E. Pajor, T. Wright, and T. DeVries

Milk yield relative to supplement intake and rumination time differs by health status for fresh cows in robotic herds
M. King, K. Sparkman, and T. DeVries

Enhancing resistance to digital dermatitis in Canadian dairy herds
F. Malchiodi, J. Jamrozik, A. M. Christen, G. Kistemaker, P. G. Sullivan, B. J. Van Doormaal, D. F. Kelton, F. S. Schenkel and F. Miglior

Monitoring in-line milk progesterone profiles to benchmark ovarian dysfunction associated with reduced fertility in Holstein herds
T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, and D.J. Ambrose

Effects of pre- and post-weaning planes of nutrition on reproductive development of pre-pubertal Holstein heifers
T.C. Bruinjé, F. Moslemipur, J. Rosadiuk, J. Carrelli, M.A. Steele, D.J. Ambrose

Evaluation of a novel estrus detection device (Flashmate™) in Holstein heifers
M.G. Colazo and K. Macmillan

Associations among Available Fertility Indexes and Reproductive Performance in Alberta Dairy Cows
M. Gobikrushanth, K. Macmillan, D. Hipkin and M.G. Colazo

Relationships among Postpartum Body Condition Score Change and Productive and Reproductive Performance in Alberta Dairy Cows
M. Gobikrushanth, A. Behrouzi, K. Macmillan and M.G. Colazo

Is Predicted Transmitting Ability for Productive life associated to prevalence of early postpartum disorders in Alberta Holstein cows?
M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, D. Hipkin and B. Hoff

Is Rectal Temperature an Effective Tool to Decide When to Treat Early Lactation Dairy Cows?
K. Macmillan, N. J. Cook, M. G. Colazo

The Efficient Dairy Genome Project
Mary De Pauw, Ellen Goddard, Paul Stothard, Zhiquan Wang, Christine Baes, Angela Cánovas, Francesca Malchiodi, Flavio Schenkel, Filippo Miglior

Oligosaccharide and IgG concentrations throughout the first week of lactation in multiparous and primiparous Holstein dairy cattle
A.J. Fischer, K. Hertogs, B. Hatew-Chuko, and M.A. Steele

Ano-genital distance as a Novel Reproductive Phenotype – an update
M. Gobikrushanth, T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, F. Miglior, D.J. Ambrose.

Could Anti-Müllerian Hormone be used as a Novel Fertility Trait in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, D. C. Purfield, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, Z. Wang, D.J. Ambrose

Could Circulating Concentrations of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) be used as a Fertility Trait in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, D. C. Purfield, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, Z. Wang , D.J. Ambrose

Composition of partial mixed rations are more important than the type of pellet fed to dairy cows in mid-lactation
J. Haisan and M. Oba

Pulse-dose intraruminal butyrate infusion increases plasma glucagon-like peptide 2 in dairy calves
B. Hatew, Y. Inabu, and M. A. Steele

Effect of delayed colostrum feeding on stress response and gut microbiota in neonatal calves
Jitka Hromadkova, Yang Song, Amanda Fisher, Yanhong Chen, Michael Steele, and Leluo Guan

Nutritional management of transition cows to reduce inflammation and increase fibre digestibility
C. E. Knoblock, W. Shi, M. Oba

Does processing corn influence growth performance, nutrient digestibility and rumen and hindgut fermentation in calves fed high or low volumes of milk replacer?
J. K. van Niekerk, A. J. Fischer, T. M. Hill, J. D. Quigley, and M. A. Steele

Greenhouse gas emissions and technical efficiency of Alberta dairy farms: What are the trade-offs?
S. Le, S. Jeffrey, and H. An

Effects of extended colostrum feeding period on gastrointestinal tract structure and development in Holstein bull calves
Pyo, J., Pletts, S., Z., He, S., Guan, L.L., and Steele, M.A

Nutrient supply alters adipose tissue physiology in pre-weaned calves
Josue M. Romao, Leonel N. Leal, Guido J. Hooiveld, Fernando Soberon, Harma Berends, Mark V. Boekshoten, Mike E. Van Amburgh, Javier Martín-Tereso, and Michael A. Steele

Potential of NIR and ATR-FT/MIR spectroscopy for the analysis of mycotoxins in naturally contaminated barley
Haitao Shi, Na Liu, Warren Schwab, Brian Chelack, Peiqiang Yu

Possibility of using NIR and ATR-FT/MIR spectroscopy for the quantification of major ergot alkaloids in wheat
Haitao Shi, Na Liu, Warren Schwab, Brian Chelack, Peiqiang Yu

Colostrum feeding is critical in shaping colon microbiota during the first 12h of life in dairy calves
Yang Song, Nilusha Malmuthuge, Fuyong Li, Le Luo Guan

Are mixtures of different Treponema bacteria making digital dermatitis worse?
Caroline Beninger, Sohail Naushad, Karin Orsel, Jeroen De Buck

Prevalence of Johne’s disease across Canada
Caroline Corbett, Ali Naqvi, Cathy Bauman, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, David F. Kelton, Herman W. Barkema

Determining the IgG concentrations in bovine colostrum and calf sera with a novel enzymatic assay
Marija Drikic, Claire Windeyer, Steven Olsen, Lorraine Doepel, and Jeroen De Buck

Evaluation of a Lameness Risk Assessment and Adoption of Lameness Prevention Strategies on Alberta Dairy Farms
Michelle van Huyssteen, Jesse Schuster, Herman Barkema, Cindy Adams and Karin Orsel

Integration of anthropology and veterinary medicine to address antimicrobial resistance in the dairy industry
Jennifer A. Ida and Herman W. Barkema

Economics of on-farm Bovine Leukemia Virus control
Alessa Kuczewski, Henk Hogeveen, Karin Orsel, Robert Wolf, Jada Thompson, Eldon Spackman, Frank van der Meer

Interleukin 8 and Host Defense Peptides contribute to the Innate Immune Response against Digital Dermatitis and supplement the 5 M-stages scoring system in dairy cattle
Kaitlyn M. Watts, Cristina Fodor, Caroline Beninger, Priyoshi Lahiri, Jeroen De Buck, Cameron Knight, Herman W. Barkema, Eduardo R. Cobo

Detection of Marker-Specific Immune Responses in Calves Against a Marked Johne’s Disease Vaccine Strain
Lucy Luo, Jeroen De Buck

Improving post-calving udder health in heifers: effectiveness of different pre-calving treatments
S. Ali Naqvi, Diego B. Nobrega, Paul E. Ronksley, and Herman W. Barkema

Drug and route-specific associations between antimicrobial use and prevalence of resistance in bovine non-aureus staphylococci
Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck, Ali Naqvi and Herman Barkema

Veterinary communication patterns during dairy herd health and production management visits
Caroline Ritter, Cindy L. Adams, and Herman W. Barkema

As testes become warmer, testicular blood flow increases to prevent testicular hypoxia
G Rizzoto, C Hall, J Tyberg, J Thundathil, N Caulkett, JP Kastelic

Measures of Longevity in Canadian Dairy Cattle
Jesse Schuster, Richard Cantin, Steve Mason, David F. Kelton, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel

Factors of cow comfort associated with herd-level reproductive outcomes on Canadian dairy farms
T. A. Burnett, R. Westin, E. Vasseur, D. Pellerin, D.B. Haley, A. M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, and R. L. A. Cerri

Effect of transition diseases on early culling in dairy cows under pasture based systems
Constanza Hernández-Gotelli, Fernando Wittwer, Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk, Pilar Sepúlveda-Varas

Effect of uterine score on concentrations of bovine pregnancy associated glycoprotein (PAGs) and its relationship with pregnancy per artificial insemination and pregnancy losses
A.M.L. Madureira, G.A. Franco, T. G. Guida, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, R.L.A. Cerri, K. G. Pohler

Determination of the optimal inclusion rate of canola meal in starter mixtures for dairy calves
K. Burakowska, P. Górka, G.B. Penner

Pelleted Products Based on Combinations of New Co-products from Bio-fuel or Bio-oil Processing, Pea Screenings and Lignosulfonate Compound for Dairy Cattle
Víctor Guevara, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

Gene transformation induced inherent structural changes relating to nutrient alterations in alfalfa for dairy cows
Yaogeng Lei, David Christensen, Abdelali Hannoufa, John Micknon, Peiqiang Yu

The Effect of Fibrolytic Enzymes on Lactation Performance, Feeding Behavior, and Digestibility of High Producing Dairy Cows Fed Barley Silage Based Diet
Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Aaron Beattie, Wenzhu Yang, Tim McAllister, and Peiqiang Yu

Evaluating the Effects of Fibrolytic Enzymes on Rumen Fermentation, Omasal Nutrient Flow and Production Performance in Dairy Cows during Early Lactation
Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Aaron Beattie, Wenzhu Yang, Tim McAllister, and Peiqiang Yu

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