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Session I: The Road Ahead

When Celebrity Culture and Science Clash
Timothy Caulfield

How do we Earn Public Trust in Food and Farming with Canadian Consumers?
Crystal Mackay

Milk Supply Management After CUSMA: An Economic Policy Analysis
Al Mussell

Session II: Optimizing Farm Management

New Concepts in Dairy Cow Barn Design
Gordie Jones

Mission 2050: Building Envelopes for the Future
Vern Osborne

Mental Health in the Dairy and Livestock Production Sector
Andria Jones-Bitton

Understanding the Internal Frictions Weighing on Milk Supply Management
Al Mussell

Session III: Fundamentals of Nutrition

Strategies to Alleviate Aflatoxin Deleterious Effects on Performance, Inflammation, and Oxidative Stress in Dairy Cows
Phil Cardoso

Gut Health and How to Improve It
J.C. (Kees) Plaizier

Feeding Management for Cows in Automated Milking Systems: What We Know and What We Still Need to Learn
Greg Penner

Consistency is Key When it Comes to Feed Consumption in Dairy Cows!
Trevor DeVries

Session IV: Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition

Effect of wheat straw chop length in high-straw dry cow diets on behaviour and physiology of dairy cows across the transition period
Casey Havekes

Deep learning improves mastitis detection in automated milking systems
Ali Naqvi

Economic evaluation of longevity to increase profits
Jesse Schuster

Condition of cull dairy cows at farm, auction and before slaughter
Jane Stojkov

Where are we now with lameness prevention and control, after nearly a decade of research
Michelle van Huyssteen

How I Define Efficiency on My Farm – Producer Panel Presentations

  • Geoff Brown, Lakeland College, Vermillion, AB
  • George Dick, Dicklands Farms, Chilliwack, BC
  • Armand Lavoie, Enterprises Lavoie Inc., St. Isidore, AB

Session V: Healthy Cows – Healthy Milk

Better Fresh Cows
Gordie Jones

Being a Mom is Hard: Calcium Demands of Early Lactation Dairy Cows
Jessica McArt

Bovine Leukemia Virus (BLV) in Your Herd? Get rid of it!
Frank van der Meer

No Guarantees with Johne’s Disease: Use of common and novel diagnostic methods
Jeroen De Buck

Session VI: Advances in Genetics and Reproduction

Impact of Nutritional Strategies, Including Feeding Amino Acids, on Health, Performance and Fertility of Dairy Cows
Phil (F.C.) Cardoso

Benchmarks for Reproduction at the Herd Level
Mark Carson

Timed AI in Context: Fitting Reproductive Programs to Cows’ Physiological Needs
Rafael Bisinotto

Using Automated Activity Monitors to Modify Reproductive Programs
Ronaldo Cerri

Session VII: Improving Animal Welfare with proAction

Managing Robot Herds to Optimize Health and Welfare
Trevor DeVries

Why Do Some Calves Thrive and Others Die? Risk Factors Impacting Male and Female Dairy Calf Health
David Renaud

What are the Options to Improve the Comfort and Welfare of Dairy Cows?
Elsa Vasseur

Key Considerations for the Implementation of a Hoof Health Program
Laura Solano

Poster Abstracts

Colostrum and Transition Milk Fatty Acid Profile is Affected by Parity and Milking
K. Hare, K. Hertogs, A. Fischer, P. Vahmani, M. Dugan, and M. Steele

Effect of type of gradual weaning program on feed consumption and growth of dairy calves
S.D. Parsons, K.E. Leslie, M.A. Steele, T. J. DeVries

Effect of Solid Feed Location on Feed Consumption and Growth of Dairy Calves
S.D. Parsons, K.E. Leslie, M.A. Steele, T. J. DeVries

Effects of a high lactose milk replacer on glucose metabolism in neonatal calves
A. Welboren, B. Hatew, L. Leal, J. Martín-Tereso and M.A. Steele

Effect of dietary concentration and source of trace minerals on serum mineral status, ruminal pH, and ruminal volatile fatty acids in lactating Holstein cows
N. Briggs, B. Hatew, and M.A. Steele

Impacts of pre- and post-weaning planes of nutrition on the uterus, ovaries and estrous cycle characteristics in Holstein heifers
T.C. Bruinjé, J.P. Rosadiuk, F. Moslemipur, J.E. Carrelli, M.A. Steele, and D.J. Ambrose

Monitoring in-line milk progesterone profiles prior to first breeding to predict reproductive performance of Holstein cows
T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, and D.J. Ambrose

Validating an in line milk analysis system (Herd NavigatorTM) to diagnose pregnancy in dairy cows
T.C. Bruinjé and D.J. Ambrose

The effects of feeding a high or moderate starch dry cow diet on newborn dairy heifer calf growth
J. Haisan, Y. Inabu, W. Shi and M. Oba

Evaluation of Infrared Thermography to Identify Illness in Transition Cows
K. Macmillan, N. J. Cook, M. G. Colazo

Can thermal pixels differentiate stages of lactation compared with a conventional BCS method?
H.J. Perez Marquez, A. L. Schaefer, C. J. Bench

Effects of Prepartum Dietary Starch Content on Rumen Fermentation of Dairy Cows during the Transition Period
W. Shi, J. Haisan, Y. Inabu, T. Sugino, and M. Oba

Effect of yeast supplementation on health and growth of milk-fed veal calves
C. Villot, T. Ma,  D. L. Renaud, M.H. Ghaffari, D.J. Gibson, A. Skidmore, E. Chevaux, L. L. Guan, M. A. Steele

Are Treponema spp. coinfections necessary to develop digital dermatitis in cattle?
Rakel Arrazuria, Caroline Beninger, Pryoshi Lahiri, Eduardo Cobo, Karin Orsel, Jeroen de Buck

Recognizing Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
William Bremner and Frank van der Meer

Resolving the polybacterial characteristics of digital dermatitis lesions in cattle
Benjamin Caddey, Karin Orsel and Jeroen De Buck

Sociocultural aspects of antimicrobial use in dairy farming in Alberta, Canada
Jennifer A. Ida and Herman W. Barkema

The Impact of Lameness on Economics of Dairy Farms
Marlena Knauss, Herman W. Barkema, Ed A. Pajor, and Karin Orsel

Experiences and Lessons from the Development of a Bovine Leukemia Virus Control Program for the Alberta Dairy Industry
Alessa Kuczewski and Frank van der Meer

Understanding the Skin Immune and Healing Response in Bovine Digital Dermatitis to Create Therapeutic Alternatives
Kaitlyn M. Watts, Priyoshi Lahiri, Rakel  Arrazuria, Jeroen De Buck, Cameron G. Knight, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema and Eduardo R. Cobo

Inhibition of intramammary infection with Staphylococcus aureus by non-aureus staphylococci
Mengyue Li, Jeroen De Buck, Craig Jenne, and Herman W. Barkema

Decreasing antimicrobial use through selective dry cow therapy: unintended consequences, economics, and impact on antimicrobial resistance levels in Canadian dairy
Kayley McCubbin, Javier Sanchez, David F. Kelton, Karin Orsel, John P. Kastelic, Herman W. Barkema

Heritability Estimates for Intramammary Infection in Canadian Holsteins Heifers
Saranya G. Narayana, Filippo Miglior, Flavio Schenkel, S. Ali Naqvi, Tatiane Chud, Francesca Malchiodi, Emhimad A. Abdalla, Herman W. Barkema

Efficacy of antibiotics for treating mastitis during lactation
Diego B. Nobrega, S. Ali Naqvi and Herman W. Barkema

The interaction of estrous expression and GnRH administration at the time of AI on pregnancy and ovulation rates
T.A. Burnett, A.M.L. Madureira, J.W. Bauer, and R.L.A. Cerri

Effect of uterine size and position on pregnancy per artificial insemination, pregnancy losses and culling rates
A.M.L. Madureira, T.A. Burnett,  J.W. Bauer, R.L.A. Cerri, K. G. Pohler

Dairy cow preferences for different types of outdoor access
Anne-Marieke C. Smid, Daniel M. Weary, and Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk

Male dairy calf health before and after long-distance transportation
Devon J. Wilson, Jane Stojkov, David Fraser

Steam-flaking conditions affect starch reactivity of barley grain
K. Burakowska, L.A. Radke, and G.B. Penner

Do you need to feed a pellet in an automated milking system?
Megan Gardner, Keshia Paddick, and Gregory B. Penner

Association of degradation and digestion with molecular structure features of feedstocks and co-products from bio-oil processing in dairy cattle: Comparison crusher plants within Canada and within China as well as between Canada and China
Walaa M.S. Gomaa, Xuewei Zhang, Peiqiang Yu

Effect of Tannin Level and Cutting Stage on Rumen Degradation Kinetics, Intestinal Digestibility, Metabolic Characteristics and Feed Milk Value of Whole Crop Faba Bean Silage for Dairy Cattle
Víctor H. Guevara-Oquendo, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Bunyamin Tar’an, Peiqiang Yu

Effects of feeding newly developed blend pellet products based on carinata meal or canola meal in combination with pulse screenings and lignosulfonate on lactational performance in high producing dairy cows
Aya Ismael, Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, and Peiqiang Yu

Effects of feeding newly developed blend pellet products based on carinata meal or canola meal in combination with pulse screenings and lignosulfonate on nutrients availability and components production efficiency in high producing dairy cows
Aya Ismael, Victor Guevara-Oquendo, Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, and Peiqiang Yu

Develop molecular spectroscopic techniques to screen mycotoxin concentrations in feeds
Haitao Shi and Peiqiang Yu

Physiochemical, molecular structural and nutritional characterization of Oat grain varieties in comparison to barley grain
Marcela R. Tosta, Luciana L. Prates, David A. Christensen, John J. McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

Effects of Feeding Processed Oats Grain on Ruminal Fermentation and Animal Production Performance in Lactating Dairy Cows
Marcela Tosta, Luciana Prates, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

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