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Session I. WCDS and Dairying: A 30 Year Perspective

Highlights of the Past and a Look into the Future of Dairy Nutrition
Mike Hutjens

Highlights of the Past and a Look into the Future of Dairy Reproduction
Matt Lucy

What We Have Learned About Optimizing Efficiency of Dairy Production
Normand St-Pierre

Agriculture, Food and Society – Philosophy to Nanotechnology
Paul Thompson

Session II. Reproduction

Importance of Health and Fertility Traits – A Producer’s Perspective
Don Bennink

Perspectives on Bovine Embryo Transfer
Reuben Mapletoft

Resynchronization Programs for Dairy Cows
Matt Lucy

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Dystocia in Dairy Cattle – With Emphasis on Confinement Systems
John Mee

Session III. Finance, Management, and Economics

Achieving Excellence in Dairying
Gordie Jones

Employee management and labour retention on dairy farms
Karen Gingras

“We’ve got to Do Something”…An Adventure in the Dairy Farm Transfer Process
Reg Shandro

Discuss the Undiscussabull™ – Tools for Talking About Tough Issues in Farm Transfer™
Elaine Froese

Session IV. Calves to Cows

Bovine Neonatal Survival – Is Improvement Possible?
John Mee

Health and Immune Function of Dairy Calves
Ken Leslie

Dairy Stockmanship – Reconnecting the People with the Cows
Gordie Jones

New Concepts in Dry Period Management
Daniel Lefebvre

Session V. Nutrition

How Variation in Diets Affects Productivity
Normand St-Pierre

Efficient Use of Forages and Impact on Cost of Production
Karen Beauchemin

Lessons Learned From Dealing with High Feed Prices
Mike Hutjens

Feeding for Milk Components
Adam Lock

Session VI. Dairy Health

Overcoming Barriers to Lameness Control on Dairy Farms
Becky Whay

Meeting the Challenges of Improving Health in Periparturient Dairy Cows
Burim Ametaj

An Update on the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative
Herman Barkema

Should You Treat Them or Should You Eat Them? How to Improve Mastitis Treatments
Pamela Ruegg

Session VII. Dairy Production and the Environment

Dairy’s Carbon Footprint and Sustainability
Frank Mitloehner

Managing Cows, Milking and the Environment to Minimize Mastitis
Pamela Ruegg

Bedding Options for Dairy Cows
Marcia Endres

Public and Producer Attitudes to Contentious Topics in Dairy Farming
Dan Weary


Fertility in dairy cows subjected to two different intervals from presynchronization to initiation of Ovsynch protocol
M.G. Colazo, P. Ponce-Barajas, and D.J. Ambrose

Replacing barley grain with wheat DDGS (dry distillers grains with solubles) reduced multiple ovulations in postpartum dairy cows
E. Subramaniam, M.G. Colazo, A.L. Ruiz-Sanchez, P. Ponce-Barajas, M. Oba, M. Dyck, D.J. Ambrose

Effect of precision processing barley grain on dry matter intake, milk production, rumen pH and nutrient digestibility in lactating dairy cows
N. Schlau, T. McAllister, W. Z. Yang, L. Duineveld, and M. Oba

Benefit-cost analysis of NIRS feeding initiative for the Alberta livestock and crop industry
Scott Jeffre, Henry An, Jim Unterschultz, Mary-Lou Swift, David Zinner and Zheng Li

Influence of the genotype of the bovine osteopontin gene on its promoter activity: study of the basal activity of six different haplotypes
N. Bissonnette

How to control milk iodine concentration
P. Lacasse S. I. Borucki Castro, and R. Berthiaume

Comfort and longevity in Quebec dairy operation
F. Bécotte, E. Vasseur, J. Gibbons, D. Lefevbre, A.-M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, D. Pellerin

Assessment of the potential of different sources of hydrolysable and condensed tannins to manipulate rumen fermentation and methane production in vitro
F Hassanat and C Benchaar

Lameness in dairy cows: using gait score as a predictor for claw lesions
Laura Solano, Herman Barkema, Ed Pajor, Steve Mason, AnneMarie dePassille, Jeffrey Rushen, Jenny Gibbons, Elsa Vasseur, Margriet Krom and Karin Orsel

Independent effects of chemical fibre and physical fibre on dairy cows
W. Z. Yang and D. Sauvant

Stall dimensions and prevalence of cow injuries on Canadian free-stall dairy farms
Jessica Zaffino, Clémence Nash, Trevor DeVries, David Kelton, Stephen LeBlanc, Jenny Gibbons, Jeff Rushen, Anne Marie de Passillé, Laura Solano, Herman Barkema, Karin Orsel and Derek Haley

The carbon footprint of dairying in Eastern Canada: A case study
E. J. McGeough, S. M. Little, H. H. Janzen, T. A. McAllister, S. M. McGinn and K.A. Beauchemin

Sampling cow to assess lying time in tie-stall and free-stall dairy herds
E. Vasseur, A. M. de Passillé, D. Haley, J. Rushen

Improving cow comfort to increase longevity in Canadian dairy herds
J. Gibbons, E. Vasseur, D. Pellerin, D. Haley, D. F. Kelton, K. Orsel, H. W. Barkema, E. Pajor, D. Lefebvre, D. Weary, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, J. Rushen, A. M. de Passillé

High-total nonstructural carbohydrates timothy enhanced performance of mid-lactation dairy cows.
A. F. Brito, G. Régimbald, G. F. Tremblay, A. Bertrand, Y. Castonguay, G. Bélanger, R. Michaud, C. Lafrenière and R. Berthiaume

Herd-level association between antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in bovine mastitis Staphylococcus aureus isolates
Vineet Saini, J Trenton McClure, and Herman W. Barkema

Age and dose dependent susceptibility to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in dairy cattle
Rienske Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Michelle Drissler, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck

Genotyping of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis to understand the epidemiology of Johne’s disease in Canadian dairy herds
Ahlstrom, C., Barkema, H.W., De Buck, J.

Benchmarking dairy heifer management practices and producers’ awareness of the Dairy Code: Two recent research projects developed by the University of Calgary.
Guilherme Borges Bond and Edmond A. Pajor

Bottlenecks in best management practices identified in the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative (AJDI)
Wolf, R, Barkema, HW, McDonald, E, Mason, BS, Ollis, G2, Slomp, M, De Buck, J, Pickel, C, and Orsel, K

A comparison between water buffalo (Khuzestani) and cow rumen fluids in terms of the in vitro digestibility of steam treated sugarcane pith
Jabbari, S. Eslami, M. Chaji, M. Mohammadabadi, T. and Bojarpour, M.

Whole-farm balances of P and K on dairy farms
D. Fulawka, T.L. Garner, K.H. Ominski, D. Flaten, and J.C. Plaizier

Training veterinarians for the western Canada dairy industry
Christopher Luby, Katelyn McIntyre, Murray Jelinski

Effects of Different Severities of Short-Term Feed Restriction in Cattle
Siping Zhang, Jörg R. Aschenbach, Daniel R. Barreda, Gregory B. Penner

Effect of carbohydrate conformation in hulless barley on carbohydrate availability in dairy cows
Ling Yang, David Christensen, John J. McKinnon, Brian Rossnagel, Aaron Beattie, Peiqiang Yu