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Session I.  Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Are the Immediate Challenges Faced by the British Dairy Industry Applicable to Canada?
Gwyn Jones

What Does the Re-vamp of the Canadian Food Guide Mean for Dairy?
Harvey Anderson

Dairy Cows with Less Antibiotics!
Tine van Werven

Session II.  Principles of Farm Management

A Requirement for Dairy Farm Success: Hiring and Retaining an Excellent Workforce
Bob Milligan

Motivating On-Farm Change
Steven Roche

What is Happening in Facility Design to Improve Cow Comfort and Health?
Jan Hulsen

Benchmarking Health and Management across the Canadian Dairy Herd
David Kelton

Session III.  Fundamentals of Nutritional Management

Adapting Current Practices to Automatic Milking Systems: Pros and Cons
Àlex Bach

Nutritional Management of Fresh Cows: Helping for a Smooth Take Off
Masahito Oba

Recent Advances in Our Understanding of Fatty Acid Digestion and Metabolism in Lactating Dairy
Adam Lock

Keys to Producing High Quality Corn Silage in Western Canada
Karen Beauchemin

Session IV.  Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition

What are the Risk Factors for Digital Dermatitis and How Big is their Influence?
Ellen de Jong

Genetic Analysis of Subclinical Mastitis Resistance in Early Lactation
Saranya Narayana

The Quantity of Concentrate Offered in an Automated Milking System (AMS) on Dry matter Intake (DMI), Milking Frequency, Milk and Component Yield, and Ruminal Fermentation When Provided Isocaloric Diets
Keshia Paddick

Offering Differing Planes of Nutrition to Holstein Heifer Calves in the Pre- and Post-Weaning Phases and the Effects on Intake, Growth, and Efficiency
Justin Rosadiuk

Effects of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Fermentation Product Supplementation and Starch Content of Fresh Diets on Performance of Dairy Cows in Early Lactation
Weina Shi

High Management Score Herds: How Do They Achieve It? – Producer Panel
Cees Haanstra, Chris McLaren, and Dave Taylor

Session V.  Replacements – Management Pre- and Post-weaning

Setting the Stage for the Future Cow: Managing and Feeding During Early Life
Àlex Bachall

What You Need to Know Before, During and After Transitioning to Group Housing of Calves: Key Considerations
Joao Costa

Rethinking Colotrum: It’s More Than Just Immunoglobulins
Mike Van Amburgh

Digestibility of Starter Feeds in Calves: Modeling the Effects of Liquid Intake and Weaning on Digestibility of Nutrients in Pre- and Post-weaned Dairy Calves
James Quigley

Session VI.  Advances in Genetics and Reproduction

Genetics, Genomics and Beyond: What to Expect From New Technologies in Dairy Cattle Breeding
Christine Baes

Farm Management Decisions in the Era of Genomics
Brian Van Doormaal

Can Genomics be Used to Improve Reproductive Performance?
Pablo Pinedo

New Advances in the Management of Uterine Disease
Fabio Lima

Session VII.  Technology and Facilities

New Developments in Mastitis Research
Tine van Werven

Lessons Learned from the Canadian Johne’s Disease Programs
Herman Barkema

Stop Creating Lameness – Detecting Lame Cows: Anytime and All the Time
Karin Orsel

Lameness Treatment and Prevention: No Pain, No Lame
Gerard Cramer

Poster Abstracts

Maximizing rates of genetic progress in Canadian dairy cattle by using alternate genomic methodologies
L.F. Brito, A.R.Guarini, H.R. de Oliveira, Z. Karimi, K. Alves, F. Miglior, F.S. Schenkel

Capitalizing on mid-infrared spectral data for the improvement of milk composition and cow health
A. Fleming, S. Nayeri, R. A. Ali, M. Corredig, F. S. Schenkel, and F. Miglior

Behavior and productivity of fresh cows in robotic herds prior to diagnosis of health disorders
M. King, S. LeBlanc, E. Pajor, T. Wright, and T. DeVries

Milk yield relative to supplement intake and rumination time differs by health status for fresh cows in robotic herds
M. King, K. Sparkman, and T. DeVries

Enhancing resistance to digital dermatitis in Canadian dairy herds
F. Malchiodi, J. Jamrozik, A. M. Christen, G. Kistemaker, P. G. Sullivan, B. J. Van Doormaal, D. F. Kelton, F. S. Schenkel and F. Miglior

Monitoring in-line milk progesterone profiles to benchmark ovarian dysfunction associated with reduced fertility in Holstein herds
T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, and D.J. Ambrose

Effects of pre- and post-weaning planes of nutrition on reproductive development of pre-pubertal Holstein heifers
T.C. Bruinjé, F. Moslemipur, J. Rosadiuk, J. Carrelli, M.A. Steele, D.J. Ambrose

Evaluation of a novel estrus detection device (Flashmate™) in Holstein heifers
M.G. Colazo and K. Macmillan

Associations among Available Fertility Indexes and Reproductive Performance in Alberta Dairy Cows
M. Gobikrushanth, K. Macmillan, D. Hipkin and M.G. Colazo

Relationships among Postpartum Body Condition Score Change and Productive and Reproductive Performance in Alberta Dairy Cows
M. Gobikrushanth, A. Behrouzi, K. Macmillan and M.G. Colazo

Is Predicted Transmitting Ability for Productive life associated to prevalence of early postpartum disorders in Alberta Holstein cows?
M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, D. Hipkin and B. Hoff

Is Rectal Temperature an Effective Tool to Decide When to Treat Early Lactation Dairy Cows?
K. Macmillan, N. J. Cook, M. G. Colazo

The Efficient Dairy Genome Project
Mary De Pauw, Ellen Goddard, Paul Stothard, Zhiquan Wang, Christine Baes, Angela Cánovas, Francesca Malchiodi, Flavio Schenkel, Filippo Miglior

Oligosaccharide and IgG concentrations throughout the first week of lactation in multiparous and primiparous Holstein dairy cattle
A.J. Fischer, K. Hertogs, B. Hatew-Chuko, and M.A. Steele

Ano-genital distance as a Novel Reproductive Phenotype – an update
M. Gobikrushanth, T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, F. Miglior, D.J. Ambrose.

Could Anti-Müllerian Hormone be used as a Novel Fertility Trait in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, D. C. Purfield, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, Z. Wang, D.J. Ambrose

Could Circulating Concentrations of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) be used as a Fertility Trait in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, D. C. Purfield, M.G. Colazo, S. T. Butler, Z. Wang , D.J. Ambrose

Composition of partial mixed rations are more important than the type of pellet fed to dairy cows in mid-lactation
J. Haisan and M. Oba

Pulse-dose intraruminal butyrate infusion increases plasma glucagon-like peptide 2 in dairy calves
B. Hatew, Y. Inabu, and M. A. Steele

Effect of delayed colostrum feeding on stress response and gut microbiota in neonatal calves
Jitka Hromadkova, Yang Song, Amanda Fisher, Yanhong Chen, Michael Steele, and Leluo Guan

Nutritional management of transition cows to reduce inflammation and increase fibre digestibility
C. E. Knoblock, W. Shi, M. Oba

Does processing corn influence growth performance, nutrient digestibility and rumen and hindgut fermentation in calves fed high or low volumes of milk replacer?
J. K. van Niekerk, A. J. Fischer, T. M. Hill, J. D. Quigley, and M. A. Steele

Greenhouse gas emissions and technical efficiency of Alberta dairy farms: What are the trade-offs?
S. Le, S. Jeffrey, and H. An

Effects of extended colostrum feeding period on gastrointestinal tract structure and development in Holstein bull calves
Pyo, J., Pletts, S., Z., He, S., Guan, L.L., and Steele, M.A

Nutrient supply alters adipose tissue physiology in pre-weaned calves
Josue M. Romao, Leonel N. Leal, Guido J. Hooiveld, Fernando Soberon, Harma Berends, Mark V. Boekshoten, Mike E. Van Amburgh, Javier Martín-Tereso, and Michael A. Steele

Potential of NIR and ATR-FT/MIR spectroscopy for the analysis of mycotoxins in naturally contaminated barley
Haitao Shi, Na Liu, Warren Schwab, Brian Chelack, Peiqiang Yu

Possibility of using NIR and ATR-FT/MIR spectroscopy for the quantification of major ergot alkaloids in wheat
Haitao Shi, Na Liu, Warren Schwab, Brian Chelack, Peiqiang Yu

Colostrum feeding is critical in shaping colon microbiota during the first 12h of life in dairy calves
Yang Song, Nilusha Malmuthuge, Fuyong Li, Le Luo Guan

Are mixtures of different Treponema bacteria making digital dermatitis worse?
Caroline Beninger, Sohail Naushad, Karin Orsel, Jeroen De Buck

Prevalence of Johne’s disease across Canada
Caroline Corbett, Ali Naqvi, Cathy Bauman, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, David F. Kelton, Herman W. Barkema

Determining the IgG concentrations in bovine colostrum and calf sera with a novel enzymatic assay
Marija Drikic, Claire Windeyer, Steven Olsen, Lorraine Doepel, and Jeroen De Buck

Evaluation of a Lameness Risk Assessment and Adoption of Lameness Prevention Strategies on Alberta Dairy Farms
Michelle van Huyssteen, Jesse Schuster, Herman Barkema, Cindy Adams and Karin Orsel

Integration of anthropology and veterinary medicine to address antimicrobial resistance in the dairy industry
Jennifer A. Ida and Herman W. Barkema

Economics of on-farm Bovine Leukemia Virus control
Alessa Kuczewski, Henk Hogeveen, Karin Orsel, Robert Wolf, Jada Thompson, Eldon Spackman, Frank van der Meer

Interleukin 8 and Host Defense Peptides contribute to the Innate Immune Response against Digital Dermatitis and supplement the 5 M-stages scoring system in dairy cattle
Kaitlyn M. Watts, Cristina Fodor, Caroline Beninger, Priyoshi Lahiri, Jeroen De Buck, Cameron Knight, Herman W. Barkema, Eduardo R. Cobo

Detection of Marker-Specific Immune Responses in Calves Against a Marked Johne’s Disease Vaccine Strain
Lucy Luo, Jeroen De Buck

Improving post-calving udder health in heifers: effectiveness of different pre-calving treatments
S. Ali Naqvi, Diego B. Nobrega, Paul E. Ronksley, and Herman W. Barkema

Drug and route-specific associations between antimicrobial use and prevalence of resistance in bovine non-aureus staphylococci
Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck, Ali Naqvi and Herman Barkema

Veterinary communication patterns during dairy herd health and production management visits
Caroline Ritter, Cindy L. Adams, and Herman W. Barkema

As testes become warmer, testicular blood flow increases to prevent testicular hypoxia
G Rizzoto, C Hall, J Tyberg, J Thundathil, N Caulkett, JP Kastelic

Measures of Longevity in Canadian Dairy Cattle
Jesse Schuster, Richard Cantin, Steve Mason, David F. Kelton, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel

Factors of cow comfort associated with herd-level reproductive outcomes on Canadian dairy farms
T. A. Burnett, R. Westin, E. Vasseur, D. Pellerin, D.B. Haley, A. M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, and R. L. A. Cerri

Effect of transition diseases on early culling in dairy cows under pasture based systems
Constanza Hernández-Gotelli, Fernando Wittwer, Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk, Pilar Sepúlveda-Varas

Effect of uterine score on concentrations of bovine pregnancy associated glycoprotein (PAGs) and its relationship with pregnancy per artificial insemination and pregnancy losses
A.M.L. Madureira, G.A. Franco, T. G. Guida, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, R.L.A. Cerri, K. G. Pohler

Determination of the optimal inclusion rate of canola meal in starter mixtures for dairy calves
K. Burakowska, P. Górka, G.B. Penner

Pelleted Products Based on Combinations of New Co-products from Bio-fuel or Bio-oil Processing, Pea Screenings and Lignosulfonate Compound for Dairy Cattle
Víctor Guevara, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

Gene transformation induced inherent structural changes relating to nutrient alterations in alfalfa for dairy cows
Yaogeng Lei, David Christensen, Abdelali Hannoufa, John Micknon, Peiqiang Yu

The Effect of Fibrolytic Enzymes on Lactation Performance, Feeding Behavior, and Digestibility of High Producing Dairy Cows Fed Barley Silage Based Diet
Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Aaron Beattie, Wenzhu Yang, Tim McAllister, and Peiqiang Yu

Evaluating the Effects of Fibrolytic Enzymes on Rumen Fermentation, Omasal Nutrient Flow and Production Performance in Dairy Cows during Early Lactation
Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Aaron Beattie, Wenzhu Yang, Tim McAllister, and Peiqiang Yu


Table of Content

Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors


Session I.  Industry Challenges and Perspectives Efficiency from Cow to Farm

Canadian Dairy Industry: Past, Present and Future
Bruce Beattie

GMOs – Food Supply Saviour or the Devil in Disguise?
Margaret Smith

Healthy Drug-Free Cows: A Producer’s Approach to Reducing Antibiotic Use
Lloyd Holterman

Session II.  Farm Management

Farm Safety: Keeping Everyone Safe on the Farm
Glen Blahey

Employee Management to Improve Milk Quality
Ron Erskine

Creating an Effective Farm Business Strategy
Jeff Orchard

Farm Succession… Passing on the Dairy Before You Do!
Merle Good

Session III.  Nutrition

True Value of Feeding Canola Meal
Tim Mutsvangwa

Fatty Acid Digestibility and Dairy Cow Performance
Kevin Harvatine

Leaky Gut’s Contribution to Inefficient Nutrient Utilization
Lance Baumgard

Evaluating the Cost Effectiveness of Feed Additives
David Galligan

Session IV.  Student Research and Producer Panel

Student Research Presentation Competition
Milk Progesterone Profiles Before and After AI and Their Associations with Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss in Alberta Dairy Farms
Tony Bruinje

Use of Canola Meal and Micro-Encapsulated Sodium Butyrate in Starter Feed for Dairy Calves
Katarzyna Burakowska

Effect of Delaying Colostrum Feeding on Passive Transfer and Intestinal Bacterial Colonization in Neonatal Male Holstein Calves
Amanda Fischer

Fresh Cow Illness Detection Using Milk and Rumination Data in Robotic Milking Systems
Meagan King

Early Post-Partum Physical Activity and Estrus Expression and Their Associations with Fertility and Ovulation Rate in Lactating Dairy Cows
Augusto Madureira

Measures of My Success – Producer Panel
JP Brouwer, Daphne Holterman, and Jake Vermeeer

Session V.  Reproduction

Ovarian Dysfunction in Lactating Dairy Cows
James Ferguson

Factors Affecting Preimplantation Embryonic Development in Dairy Cows
Eduardo Ribeiro

Estrus: Association with Production Parameters and Implications on Fertility
Ronaldo Cerri

Automated Estrus Detection
Jeffrey Bewley


Session VI.  Cow Management and Welfare

Identifying Pain Behaviors in Dairy Cattle
Karina Bech Gleerup

Getting Stocking Density Right for Your Cows
Dan Weary

The Importance of Foot Conformation, Foot Trimming, and Cow Comfort in the Lameness Complex
Gordon Atkins

Lameness Reduces Overall Herd Performance
Charles Guard


Session VII.  Technology and Facilities

Exploring the Potential of Precision Dairy Tools
Jeffrey Bewley

Producers’ Perspectives on Transitioning to AMS
Ed Pajor

Optimal Designs for AMS Barns
Jack Rodenburg

Optimal Feeding Programs with Automated Milking Systems (AMS)
Greg Penner

Poster Abstracts

Efficient Dairy Genome Project
Mary De Pauw, Ellen Goddard, Paul Stothard, Filippo Miglior

Using Genomics to Improve Dairy Producers’ Profitability
F. Malchiodi, F. S. Schenkel, A. Fleming, J. P. Chesnais, A. Christen, and F. Miglior

Utilization of Intravaginal Probiotics to Lower the Incidence of Uterine Infections in Dairy Cows in Dairy Farms in Alberta
E. Barahona Rosales, A.L.G. Dias, B.N. Ametaj

Evaluation of Reproductive Performance in Alberta Dairy Herds Using In-line Milk Progesterone Analysis
T.C. Bruinjé, M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose

Benchmarking Early Postpartum Disorders in Alberta Dairy Herds
M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, A. Behrouzi, I. López Helguera and B. Hoff

Trace minerals in the dry period associated to postpartum metabolic and reproductive disorders in Dairy Cattle
M.G. Colazo, M. Gobikrushanth, I. López Helguera, A. Behrouzi and B. Hoff

Studying Association of Mastitis with other Periparturient Diseases of Dairy Cows
Egyedy, A. F., Dias, A. L. G., Barahona, E., Ametaj, B.N.

Association between Age at Calving and Overall Health, Reproductive Performance and Milk Yield in Holstein Heifers
M. Gobikrushanth, A. Behrouzi, I. López Helguera and M.G. Colazo

Ruminal pH in Holstein dairy bull calves from pre-weaning to post-weaning
J. Kohler, M. Middeldorp, Z. He and M. A. Steele

Evaluating CowManager SensOor for Estrus Detection in Dairy Cows in a Tie Stall Barn
S.A. Nowicki, M. Guesgen, M. Gobikrushanth, C. Bench, D.J. Ambrose

Evaluation of Infrared Thermography (IRT) and Micro-Behavioural Biometrics for Estrus Detection in Naturally Cycling Dairy Cows
H.J. Perez Marquez, D.J. Ambrose, A. Schaefer, C. Bench

Why different species of Treponema need each other to cause digital dermatitis lesions in dairy cattle
Caroline Beninger, Sohail Naushad, Karin Orsel, Jeroen De Buck

Bacteriocins of Bovine Non-aureus Staphylococci
Domonique Carson, Herman Barkema, Sohail Naushad, Diego Nobrega, Larissa Condas, Jeroen De Buck

Cathelicidin Reduces Internalization of Staphylococcus aureus in Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells
Cavalcante, PA; Holani, R; Watts, K; Monteiro, APA; Barkema, H; Cobo, ER

The Risk of Group Housing Calves and Transmitting Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis to Penmates
Caroline Corbett, Mart C.M. de Jong, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

Novel Diagnostic Assay (based on glucose meter) for Bovine Infectious Diseases – TreAssure assay
Marija Drikic and Jeroen De Buck

Evaluation of topical applications used in parlor on digital dermatitis lesions
Casey Jacobs, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

Development of a Bovine Leukemia Virus Control Program for Alberta
Alessa Kuczewski and Frank van der

Development of a Marked Johne’s Disease Vaccine Strain: Using Immune Markers to Differentiate Vaccinated From Naturally Infected Animals
Lucy Luo, Jeroen De Buck

Intramammary Inhibition of Major Mastitis Pathogens by Non-aureus Staphylococci, a Mouse Model
Ana Paula Alves Monteiro, Domonique Carson, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

The impact of making freestall changes on lameness, lying time and leg injuries
Emily Morabito, Herman W. Barkema, Edmond A. Pajor, Laura Solano, Doris Pellerin, and Karin Orsel

Udder Health in Canadian Dairy Heifers Around Calving
Ali Naqvi, Jeroen De Buck, Diego Nobrega, Gang Liu, Simon Dufour, Tyler Williamson, and Herman W. Barkema

Genetic variation of Heifer Mastitis in Canadian Dairy Herds
Saranya G. Narayana, Filippo Miglior, S. Ali Naqvi, Pauline Martin, Herman W. Barkema

Association between the inventory of empty containers and on-farm treatment records to quantify antimicrobial usage in dairy herds
Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck, Vineet Saini, Ali Naqvi, Sohail Naushad, Liu Gang, and Herman W. Barkema

Beliefs, benefits, and beyond: Influences on dairy farmers’ management decisions
Caroline Ritter, Jolanda Jansen, Steven Roche, David F. Kelton, Cindy L. Adams, Karin Orsel, Ron J. Erskine, Geart Benedictus, Theo J.G.M. Lam, and Herman W. Barkema

Contribution of Naturally Produced Host Defenses to Inflammation and Resolution of Digital Dermatitis in Dairy Cattle
Watts K, Fodor C, Barkema H, Cobo ER

Factors Impacting Ovulation Times and Temperature During Estrus and Ovulation of Holstein Dairy Cows
Tracy A. Burnett, Liam B. Polsky, Manveen Kaur and Ronaldo L.A. Cerri

Muddy conditions reduce cattle comfort
Jennifer M. Chen, Carolyn L. Stull, David N. Ledgerwood, and Cassandra B. Tucker

Effect of rumen protected vitamin B complex on metabolic parameters, milk production and d 15 endometrial outcomes
Manveen Kaur, Ivan Hartling, Tracy A. Burnett, Liam Polsky, Charlotte Donnan, Hélène Leclerc and Ronaldo L.A. Cerri

Dairy Calves Can be Tested for Failure of Passive Transfer Until at Least 10 Days of Age
J. Wilm, J. H. C. Costa, H. W. Neave, D. M. Weary and Marina A. G. von Keyserlingk

Associations Between Vaginal Temperature and Induced Estrus Expression and Fertility in Lactating Holstein Cows
L.B. Polsky, A.M.L. Madureira, E.L. Drago Filho, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, and R.L.A. Cerri

Milk Production and Nitrogen Utilization in Dairy Cows Fed Lactose as a Partial Replacement for Barley Starch
E. L. De Seram, G. B. Penner, and T. Mutsvangwa

A Comparison of Digital Dermatitis Associated Bacteria in Saskatchewan Dairy Herds
Maria Epp, Christopher Luby, Murray Jelinski, Christopher Clark, and Andrew Potter

Profiles and Feed Milk Value of Value Added Pellet Products Based on Combination Carinata and Canola Meal, Low Grade of Peas and Lignosulfonate at Different Levels for Dairy Cows
Víctor Guevara, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

Recovery of the ruminal epithelium after acidosis
C. Kent-Dennis, J.A. Pasternak and G.B. Penner

Diet Formulation Strategies for Dairy Cattle in Automated Milking Systems (AMS)
Menajovsky, S.B., C.E. Walpole, T.J. DeVries, K.S. Schwartzkopf-Genswein, M.E. Walpole, and G.B. Penner

Is a Pelleted Feed Required in an Automated Milking System (AMS)?
Paddick, K.S., S.B. Menajovsky, and G.B. Penner

Detecting effect of heat-related feed processing on molecular protein structure associated with nutrient utilization of barley grains in dairy cows by using vibrational molecular spectroscopy
Luciana L. Prates, Peiqiang Yu

Physiochemical, Nutritional and Molecular Structural Characterization of Silages: Comparison Among CDC Barley Silage Varieties and New Forage Corn Silage for Dairy Cows
Basim Refat, David Christensen, John McKinnon, Aaron Beattie, Wenzhu Yang, and Peiqiang Yu

Survey of gastrointestinal nematodes in breeding-age heifers on six Saskatchewan dairy farms
H.R. Scott, J.S. Gilleard, R.W. Avramenko, E.M. Redman, B. Wagner, F.D. Uehlinger

A recent survey of ergot alkaloids contamination of wheat in western Canada
Haitao Shi,  Brian Chelack, Warren Schwab and Peiqiang Yu

A recent survey of twelve common mycotoxins contamination in wheat in western Canada
Haitao Shi,  Brian Chelack, Warren Schwab and Peiqiang Yu

Test possibility of using near and mid infrared spectroscopic techniques to predict mycotoxin concentrations in barley and wheat
Haitao Shi and Peiqiang Yu

Molecular Basis of Carbohydrate Biopolymer Structure Determined Digestibility of Newly Developed Warm-Seasoned Corn Lines in Dairy Cows
Ningning Xu, Jianxin Liu, Peiqiang Yu

Development of a silicone-based intravaginal letrozole-releasing device for synchronization
E.M. Zwiefelhofer, B.M. Davis, G.P. Adams



Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Issues Facing the Industry

The European Dairy Industry Post Supply Management
Kees Romijn

GMOs – Food Saviour or the Devil in Disguise?
Margaret Smith

Does Animal Agriculture Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance in Humans? Current Insights into Dairy Cattle and Their Role in Antibiotic Resistance
Tim McAllister

Session II. Nutritional Management

Avoiding Silage Problems
Richard Muck

Feeding the Fresh Cow: What is the Ideal Carbohydrate Mix?
Heather Dann

The Relationship Between NDF Digestibility and Animal Performance
David Combs

Something to Ruminate on…Why We Should Watch Cows Chew
Trevor DeVries

Session III. Farming and Research

Student Research Presentation Competition
Caroline Corbett, Casey Jacobs, Jayden MacPherson, and Basim Refat

Dairy Farming Across Canada
Anton Borst, David Janssens, Dave Loewith

Session IV. Animal Welfare and Consumers

Dairy Processor’s Role in Promoting Animal Welfare
Warren Skippon

Promoting Animal Welfare – An Industry Perspective
David Wiens

Sharing Your Story: Strategies to Get the Truth About Dairying to Consumers
Julaine Treur

Stakeholder Views, Including the Public, on Expectations for Dairy Cattle Welfare
Marina von Keyserlingk

Session V. Reproduction-Nutrition Interactions

The Role of Glucose in Dairy Cattle Reproduction
Matthew Lucy

Can Feeding Fats Improve Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows?
Divakar Ambrose

The Importance of BCS Management to Cow Welfare, Performance and Fertility
James Drackley

Influence of Dietary Protein and Amino Acids on Reproduction in Dairy Cows
Peter Hansen

Session VI. Innovation, Health and Welfare

Align Your Precision Dairy Robot System with Your Goals
Ben Smink

Is Automated Calf Feeding Right for Your Farm?
Marcia Endres

Past, Present and Future of Footbaths in Alberta
Karin Orsel

What’s New in Controlling Digital Dermatitis?
Dörte Döpfer

Session VII. Transition Cow Management

Mechanisms Linking Postpartum Metabolism with Reproduction
Matthew Lucy

What Can Be Learned From TMR Audits?
Tom Oelberg

Diagnosing Trace Mineral Deficiencies and Excesses in Transition Dairy Cows
Brent Hoff

Protein and Amino Acid Requirements of the Close-up Dry Cow
Robert Van Saun

Poster Abstracts

Ovarian Activity Preceding First Insemination Affects Fertility in Postpartum Dairy Cows
T.C. Bruinjé, M. Gobikrushanth, C. Felton, D.J. Ambrose

Effects of Estrous Expression, Body Condition, and Lameness on Ovulation Times of Holstein Dairy Cows
Tracy A. Burnett, Liam B. Polsky, Manveen Kaur and Ronaldo L.A. Cerri

The in vitro Inhibitory Effect of Coagulase-negative staphylococci on Major Mastitis Pathogens
Domonique Carson, Larissa Condas, Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

Modifications of the Heatsynch Protocol for Natural-service Breeding in Dairy Cows.
M.G. Colazo and P. R. Whittaker

Economic Evaluation of Two Reproductive Management Strategies in Alberta Dairy Herds
M.G. Colazo, J.O. Giordano and V. E. Cabrera

The Effect of Milk Allowance on Performance and Starter Intake of Dairy Calves
J. H. C. Costa, H.W. Neave, K. Rosenberger, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk and D. M. Weary

A Collaborative Initiative for Laboratory Production of Cattle Embryos in Western Canada
Alysha Dance, Andres Arteaga, Clayton Elliott and Jacob Thundathil

Genomics is Key to Decrease the Environmental Footprint of the Dairy Industry
Mary De Pauw, Ellen Goddard, Paul Stothard, Filippo Miglior

Is Lactation More Persistent with Photoperiod Management?
S. Espinoza and M. Oba

Can the Measurement of “Ano-Genital Distance” Predict Fertility of Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, T.C. Bruinje, M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Can Anti-Müllerian Hormone Concentration be Used as a Fertility Marker in Dairy Cows?
M. Gobikrushanth, P.A. Dutra, C.J.Felton, S.Srivastava, T.C. Bruinje, A. Ruiz, M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Endometritis Affected Fertility But Not Dry Matter Intake or Milk Yield in Dairy Cows
M. Gobikrushanth, R. Salehi, D.J. Ambrose and M.G. Colazo

Value Added Pellet Products Based on Combination of New Co-Products from Bio-Fuel/Bio-Oil Processing, Low Grade of Legume Seeds/Screening, and Lignosulfonate Chemical Compound at Different Levels for Dairy Cows
Víctor Guevara, David A. Christensen, John J. McKinnon, Peiqiang Yu

The Effects of Feeding a High- or Low-plane of Nutrition Pre-weaning on Growth and Starter Intake in Group-housed Calves.
J. Haisan, M. Oba, D. J. Ambrose and M. A. Steele

Accuracy of a Cow-side Test for Quantification of Blood BHB and Glucose in Lactating Dairy Cows
I. López Helguera, A. Behrouzi, M. Gobikrushanth, B. Hoff and M.G. Colazo

Novel Sensor Technology for Progesterone and Estradiol Detection in Milk Samples
Yaxin Jiang, Marcos G. Colazo and Michael J. Serpe

Cow- and Herd-level Associations of Housing, Management, and Lameness with Productivity and Cow Behaviour in Automated Milking Systems
M. T. M. King, E. A. Pajor, S. J. LeBlanc, and T. J. DeVries

Development of a Bovine Leukemia Virus Control Program
Alessa Kuczewski and Frank van der Meer

The Effect of Intramammary Infection With Coagulase-negative Staphylococci on Udder Health, Production and Culling in Canadian Dairy Herds
G. Liu, J. De Buck, L. Condas, D. Nobrega, S. Dufour, S. De Vliegher, and H.W. Barkema

Creating Immune Markers and Complementary Diagnostics for a Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) Vaccine Strain
Lucy Luo and Jeroen De Buck

Feeding More Often Can Reduce the Severity of SARA and Increase Milk Fat Yield
K. Macmillan and M. Oba

Enhancing Dairy Producers’ Profitability Using Genomics
F. Malchiodi, J. P. Chesnais, A.-M. Christen, F. S. Schenkel and F. Miglior

A Survey of Management Practices and Producers’ Perceptions Regarding Manual and Computer-controlled Milk Feeding Systems for Dairy Calves
Catalina Medrano-Galarza, Jeff Rushen, Anne Marie de Passillé, Andria Jones-Bitton, Trevor DeVries, Stephen LeBlanc, and Derek Haley

Inhibition of Intramammary Infection with Major Pathogens by Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci
Ana Paula Alves Monteiro, Domonique Carson, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

Re-evaluation of Cow Comfort, Cow Longevity, and Lameness after Management Changes in Dairy Barns in Alberta
Emily Morabito, Herman Barkema, Ed Pajor, Laura Solano, and Karin Orsel

A Nutritional Evaluation of Common Barley Varieties Grown for Silage by Beef and Dairy Producers in Western Canada
Jayakrishnan Nair, David Christensen, Peiqiang Yu, Aaron D. Beattie, Tim McAllister, Daalkhaijav Damiran, Natalie Preston, Leland Fuhr and John J. McKinnon

Epidemiology of Causal Pathogens of Mastitis in Heifers in Canadian Dairy Herds
A. Naqvi, J. De Buck, J.-P. Roy, G.P. Keefe, T. DeVries, S. Dufour, and H.W. Barkema

Primiparous and Multiparous Dairy Cows Differ in Feeding, Social, Exploratory and Lying Behavior During the Transition Period
H.W. Neave, J. Lomb, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, A. Behnam-Shabahang, and D. M. Weary

Evaluation of Whole-crop Barley Cultivars in Western Canada for in vitro Fiber Digestibility
M. Oba, W. Shi, V. S. Baron, and P. E. Juskiw

Standardizing Infrared Thermography (IRT) and Micro-Behavioural Biometrics for Estrus Detection in Dairy Cows
H.J. Perez Marquez, D.J. Ambrose, A. Schaefer, C. Bench

How Do Alberta Dairy Farmers See On-farm Johne’s Disease Control?
Caroline Ritter, Jolanda Jansen, Keliesha Roth, John Kastelic, Cindy Adams and Herman Barkema

Multiparous Cows Delivering a Male Calf Had Lower Dry Matter Intake During Transition Period
R. Salehi, M. G. Colazo, M. Oba, D. J. Ambrose

Feeding a Diet Supplemented with Flaxseed Reduced Degenerated Embryos and Activated Genes Involved in Embryonic Cell Survival and Viability
R. Salehi, M. G. Colazo, S. Tsoi, A. Behrouzi, M. K. Dyck, M. Oba1, D. J. Ambrose

Cathelicidin-inducers Butyrate and Vitamin D Modulate the Inflammatory Response in Intestinal Cells Exposed to Salmonella spp. Virulent Factors
Chaitanya Shah, Ravi Holani, Qahir Haji, Eduardo Cobo

Rest Behaviour as a Tool for Estrous Detection: Risk Factors for Poor Expression and Associations with Ovulation and Conception Risk
Silper, B.F., L.B. Polsky, A.M.L. Madureira, E.L. Drago Filho, J.L.M. Vasconcelos, R.L.A. Cerri

Characterization of Bacterial Colonization in Large Intestine of Pre-weaned Dairy Calves Using Quantitative Real Time-PCR
Y. Song, N. Malmuthuge, M. A. Steele, L. L. Guan

Evaluation and Validation of Estrus Activity Using Visual Observations, a Heat-mount Detector and an Electronic Activity Monitor in Dairy Heifers.
S. Srivastava, C.A. Felton, T.C. Bruinje, M. Gobikrushanth, D.J. Ambrose

Flotation Therapy of Non-ambulatory Cows
J. Stojkov, D. M. Weary, and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk

Impacts of Automatic Milking Systems on Canadian Producers’ Perceptions of Dairy Cow Productivity, Health and Welfare
Christina Tse, Trevor DeVries, Jeff Rushen, Herman Barkema, Elsa Vasseur, Ed Pajor

Lying Times of Lactating Cows on Dairy Farms With Automated Milking Systems and the Relation to Lameness, Leg Lesions, and Body Condition Score
R. Westin, A. Vaughan, A. M. de Passillé, T. J. DeVries, E. A. Pajor, D. Pellerin, J. M. Siegford, E. Vasseur, J. Rushen

Amount and Type of Dietary Fatty Acids Affect Fatty Acid Composition of the Ruminal Epithelium and Short-chain Fatty Acid Absorption
Ana C. Verdugo and Gregory B. Penner

Distribution of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci from Milk and Extramammary Sites on Saskatchewan Dairies
Colleen E. Walpole, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen De Buck, Janet E. Hill, and Christopher D. Luby


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Hot Topics in the Industry

Understanding Animal Welfare beyond Animal Health – Motivating Change and Driving Improvement
Jennifer Walker

Looking Out Instead Of Looking In – The Benefits from Open Markets
Mike Petersen

Better Than the Rest: The Rationale for Supply Management
Bruce Muirhead

Session II. Replacement Stock

Advancements in Automated Feeding for Calves: Where We Are Today and Where We’ll Be Tomorrow
Mike Steele

Effects of Housing and Nutrition on the Immunity of Dairy Calves
Mike Ballou

The Effects of Poor Calf Health on the Future of Dairy Heifer Replacements
Sheila McGuirk

Replacement Heifers aren’t Free!
Roger Mills

Session III. Reproduction

Selecting For Fertility Traits in Dairy Cows: Waste of Effort or Light at the End of the Tunnel?
Stephen Butler

The Relationship of Immunity and Reproduction in Dairy Cows
David Hurley

Optimizing Fertility: The Importance of Uterine Health
John Kastelic

Management Strategies to Optimize Reproductive Performance of Dairy Herds
Julio Giordano

Session IV. Feeding and Forages

Getting the Rumen to Work at its Optimum
Jeff Firkins

Optimizing and Evaluating Dry Matter Intake of Dairy Cows
Bill Weiss

Making or Breaking Rations with Forage Digestibility / Quality
Mary Beth HallallH

New Technologies in Alfalfa
Peter Reisen

Session V. Health and Welfare

Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis: Effects on the Cow and Her Gut
Tanya Gressley

Parasites Eat Your Profit
Donald Bliss

Animal Welfare on BC Dairy Farms: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward
Jim Byrne

Are You Doing Your Best At Transporting Cull Dairy Cows to Market?
Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein

Session VI. Housing and Environment

Crowding Your Cows Too Much Costs You Cash
Albert de Vries

Making and Evaluating Energy Use Changes in the Dairy Barn
Jim Salter

Management of Cows Using Robotic Milkers: Efficient Use of Robotic Milkers, Efficient Barn Layout, Cow Movement, Different Management Vs. In Traditional Parlor
Joop Garretsen, Jeff Nonay, Andrew Wildeboer

Session VII. Managing the Transition Cow

Management Practices for Successful Calving
Gustavo M. Schuenemann

Update on Management of Transition Cows
Todd Duffield

Stocking Density and Cow Feeding Behaviour around Transition
Peter D. Krawczel

Culling/Longevity versus Genetic Progress from Heifers
Albert de Vries

Student Presentation Abstracts

Chemical Profiles, Energy Values, Protein and Carbohydrate Fractions of New Co-products (Carinata Meal) from Bio-fuel Processing as a New Alternative Feed for Dairy Cattle in Comparison with Canola Meal
Yajing Ban, David Christensen, John McKinnon and Peiqiang Yu

Effect of Body Condition and Gait Score on Estrous Expression Parameters Measured by an Automated Estrous Detection System
T.A. Burnett, A.M.L. Madureira, B.F. Silper, A.C. Fernandes, and R.L.A. Cerri

Is Milk Production Affected by Providing More Light or More Grain?
S. Espinoza and M. Oba

Effectiveness of a Standardized Footbath Protocol in the Prevention of Digital Dermatitis in Alberta
Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema, Charlotte Pickel and Karin Orsel

Poster Abstracts

Evaluation of iVET® Electronic Birth Alert Device as a Calving Management Tool for Dairy Cows,
P.A. Dutra, M. Gobikrushanth, C.J. Felton and D.J. Ambrose

Can You Identify Cows That are Tolerant to High-grain Diets in Your Herd?
X. Gao and M. Oba

Cows Prone to Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis Exhibit Different Feeding Behaviour
K. Macmillan, X. Gao, and M. Oba

Heat-Treated Colostrum Feeding Promotes Beneficial Bacteria Colonization in the Small Intestine of Neonatal Calves
Nilusha Malmuthuge, Guanxiang Liang, Laksiri A. Goonewardene, Le Luo Guan

Colostrum Quality: Effect of Parity, Volume and Collection Time
A. Behrouzi and M.G. Colazo

Reproductive Management of Dairy Heifers using timed-AI
M.G. Colazo, A. Behrouzi, D. Hipkin, K. Loree and R. J. Mapletoft

Risk Factors Associated With Dystocia in A Tie Stall Dairy Herd
I. Lopez Helguera, A. Behrouzi and M.G. Colazo

Feeding Oilseeds During Late Pregnancy in Holstein Cows Increased Gestation Length, Dystocia, Calf Birth Weight, and Colostrum Immunoglobulin Content
R. Salehi, M. G. Colazo, M. Oba, D. J. Ambrose

Effects of Prepartum Diets Supplemented With Rolled Oilseeds on Milk Production and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows
R. Salehi, M. G. Colazo, M. Oba, D. J. Ambrose

Fatty Acids in Reproductive Tissues of Dairy Cows Fed Diets Supplemented With Rolled Canola, Sunflower or Flaxseed
P. A. Dutra, M. Gobikrushanth, R. Salehi, M.G. Colazo, D. J. Ambrose

Impact of a 40-d Dry Period with Only a Close-up Diet
H. Khazanehei, E. Khafipour, P. Eck, S. Li, J.C. Plaizier

The Fecal Microbiome as a Predictor of CH4 Emissions
A.J. Kotz, S. Li, E.J. McGeough, E. Khafipour, J.C. Plaizier

Should You Feed Concentrate in the Partial Mixed Ration (PMR) or Automated Milking System (AMS)?
K.S. Hare, K.S.G. Schwartzkopf-Genswein, J.M. Stookey, T.J. DeVries, and G.B. Penner

Prevalence of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcal Species on Saskatchewan Dairies
Colleen E. Fitzpatrick, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen De Buck, Janet E. Hill, and Christopher D. Luby

Effect of Gene Modification on Protein and Energy Values in New Alfalfa for Dairy Cattle
Xinxin Li, Abdelali Hannoufa, Margaret Y. Gruber, Yonggen Zhang, Peiqiang Yu

Using Co-extruded Flaxseed Ingredients to Alter the Fatty Acid Profile of Bovine Milk
Janna Moats, Tim Mutsvangwa, David Christensen

Gastrointestinal Barrier Function in Holstein Calves
R.A. Pederzolli, J. Campbell, S. Hendrick, K.M. Wood, and G.B. Penner

Does Weaning Influence The Barrier Function of The Gastrointestinal Tract in Holstein Calves?
K.M. Wood, S.I. Palmer, M.A. Steele, J.A. Metcalf, and G.B. Penner

The Auntie Effect: Presence of an Older Experienced Cow Helps Heifers Learn to Graze When Introduced to Pasture
J. H. Cardoso Costa, W. G. Costa, D. M. Weary, L. C. P. Machado Filho and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk

Metritic Heifers Search for a Safe Place
J. C. Lomb, J. M. Huzzey, D. M. Weary, B. Costa and M.A.G. von Keyserlingk

Benefits of Social Housing for Dairy Calves
Rebecca K. Meagher, Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk, Daniel M. Weary

Feeding and Social Behaviours Change with Onset of Metritis
H.W. Neave, J. Lomb, J.M. Huzzey, D.M. Weary and M.A.G von Keyserlingk

How Do Dietary Energy Source And Protein Supply Influence Milk Yield And Composition?
H.R. Lima Neto, H. Lapierre and L. Doepel

Johne’s Disease In Canada: The Genetic Profile Of Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis In Ten Provinces.
Christina A Ahlstrom, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Water Intake for Calves Fed Different Milk Allowances
Guilherme Borges Bond, Edmond Pajor

The Inhibitory Effects of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci on Major Mastitis Pathogens
Domonique Carson, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

Distribution of Most Common Coagulase-Negative Species over Parity and Lactation in Canada
Larissa A.Z. Condas, Diego B. Nobrega, Domonique Carson, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema

Implications of Calf-to-calf Transmission of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) for Johne’s Disease Management
Caroline Corbett, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

Novel Diagnostic Platform for Detection of Bovine Infectious Diseases
Marija Drikic, Jeroen De Buck

Economic Evaluation of Various Copper Sulphate Footbath Protocols in the Prevention of Digital Dermatitis on Alberta Dairy Cattle.
Casey E. Jacobs, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

Identifying Essential Genes Necessary for Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis to Persist in Dairy Calves
Amanda J Mirto, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Re-Evaluating Diagnostic Tool Observing Cow Longevity and Lameness after Management Changes in Dairy Barns
Emily Morabito, Herman Barkema, Ed Pajor, Laura Solano, and Karin Orsel

Impact of Management Practices on Antimicrobial Resistance in Bovine Mastitis Pathogens
Diego Nobrega, Jeroen De Buck, Vineet Saini, Larissa

Milk Proteins Produce Differential Effects on Energy Balance, Glucose Metabolism and Taste Preference in Diet-Induced Obese Rats
Adel Pezeshki, Andrew Fahim, Prasanth K. Chelikani

Factors Influencing Participation of Dairy Farmers in the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative
Caroline Ritter, Robert Wolf, Steve Mason, Jodi Flaig, Mike Slomp, Charlotte Pickel, Herman W. Barkema

Canadian Dairy Producers’ Transition to Automatic Milking Systems: Preliminary Results of a National Survey
C. Tse, T. DeVries, E. Vasseur, H. Barkema, E. Pajor

Gut Hormone Concentrations are Increased Post-Calving in Dairy Cows
Rizaldy C. Zapata, Reza Salehi, Divakar J. Ambrose and Prasanth K. Chelikani


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Efficiency from Cow to Farm

How High Feed Efficiency Reduces the Environmental Impact of the Dairy
Frank Mitloehner

Feeding and Breeding For a More Efficient Cow
Mike VandeHaar

Can Genomics Be Used To Improve Feed Efficiency?
Diane M. Spurlock

Strategies to Improve Economic Efficiency of the Dairy
Victor E. Cabrera

Session II. Dairy Herd Health

Biosecurity in the Dairy Herd
Dick Sibley

Lameness, Hoof and Leg Issues in Dairy Cows
Ernest Hovingh

Understanding the Sources, Transmission Routes, and Prognoses for Mastitis Pathogens
Ruth Zadoks

How to Decrease the Use of Antibiotics in Udder Health Management
Jean-Philippe Roy

Session III. The Pre-Weaned Calf

Cow Factors That Influence Colostrum Quality
Fiona Maunsell

Effect of Maternal Nutrition on Calf Health and Growth
Jon Schoonmaker

Colostrum Management and Factors Related to Poor Calf Immunity
Lorraine Doepel

Effective Forage and Starter Feeding Strategies for Pre-weaned Calves
Alex Bach

Session IV. Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Economic Returns

Reducing Feed Cost while Optimizing Productivity
Barry Robinson

Reducing Feed Cost while Optimizing Productivity
Alex Bach

Silage Inoculants – Are They Worth The Money?
Tim McAllister

Reducing Phosphorus Levels in Dairy Cow Diets
Conrad Ferris – Presented by Joe Harrison

Session V. Breeding and Reproduction

Crossbreeding in Dairy Cattle: Pros and Cons
Conrad Ferris – Presented by Frank Buckley

Genetic Selection of Cattle for Improved Immunity and Health
Bonnie Mallard

Reproductive Management with Limited Hormonal Intervention
Jeff Stevenson

Strategic Interventions for Reproductive Management
Stephen LeBlanc

Session VI. The People Side of Dairying

Worker Training and Education to Improve Cattle Welfare
Franklyn Garry

Enhancing Employee Supervision Skills
Chuck Schwartau

Using Standard Operating Procedures to Improve Employee and Cow Productivity
Fiona Maunsell

An Advisory Team Approach to Your Farm Management
Lisa Holden

Session VII. Disease Issues and Management

Vaccinating Dry Cows and Calves: With What, When, and Is It Effective at Protecting the Calf?
Amelia Woolums

Why Cows Die on Dairies
Franklyn Garry

High Risk Cows in High Risk Places
Dick Sibley

Buyer Beware – Emerging Diseases Coming to Canadian Dairy Farms
Dave Kelton

Student Presentation Abstracts

Effects of Pair Housing on Feeding Behaviour and Weight Gain in Dairy Calves
J. H. C. Costa, R. K. Meagher, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk and D. M. Weary

Prevalence of Digital Dermatitis in Alberta Dairy Cattle Using Intensive Copper Sulphate Footbath Protocol
Casey E. Jacobs, Karin Orsel, Steve Mason, Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema

Age and Dose Dependent Susceptibility to Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis Infection in Dairy Cattle
Rienske A.R. Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Janet M. Bystrom, Oscar Illanes, Robert Wolf, Maria E. Negron, Gordon Atkins, Jeroen De Buck

Two Feedings of Colostrum within 6 Hours of Birth Improves Serum Immunoglobulin G Levels in Dairy Calves Up To 28 Days of Age
Heather W. Neave, Zoe Cocker, and Douglas M. Veira

Poster Abstracts

How Does Porcine Luteinizing Hormone Increase Pregnancy Rates in Dairy Cows?
A. Behrouzi, M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose

Twin Pregnancies: An Observational Study from Two Alberta Dairy Herds
M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Application of Intravaginal Probiotics to Lower Uterine Infections, Expedite Uterine Involution and Improve Reproductive Performance of Holstein Dairy Cows
Q. Deng, J. F. Odhiambo, U. Farooq, T. Lam, S. M. Dunn, Y. Wang, M. Gänzle, and B. N. Ametaj

Does Feeding Sugars Make Your Cows Sweet?
X. Gao and M. Oba

Serum from Cows Fed Flaxseed Advanced Embryo Development from Lower Quality Oocytes In Vitro
R. Salehi, A. Ruiz-Sanchez, M. Oba, M.K. Dyck, D. J. Ambrose

Identification of Blood Predictive Biomarkers of Lameness in Transition Dairy Cows
G. Zhang, D. Hailemariam, Q. Deng, S. A. Goldansaz, S. M. Dunn, and B. N. Ametaj

Effect of Integrating Synchronization Protocols and Automated Estrus Detection Systems on Pregnancy Rate to First Postpartum Artificial Insemination
T.A. Burnett, A.M.L. Madureira, B.F. Silper, A.C. Fernandes, and R.L.A. Cerri

Factors Affecting Expression of Estrus of Lactating Dairy Cows Using Activity Monitors
A.M.L. Madureira, T.A. Burnett, B.F. Silper, D. Veira, N. Dinn, R.L.A. Cerri

Relationships between Pre and Post Weaning Growth on Estrous Behaviour and Reproductive Parameters of Holstein Heifers
B. F. Silper, A. M. L. Madureira, T. A. Burnett, A. M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, R. L. A. Cerri

Detailed Fingerprinting of Map Bacteria Provides a New Perspective on Johne’s Disease Control and Transmission
Christina A Ahlstrom, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Implications of Calf-To-Calf Transmission of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis (MAP) for Johne’s Disease Management
Caroline Corbett, Jeroen De Buck, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema

High Nutrition during Early Life Improves Reproductive Potential in Holstein Bulls
Alysha Dance, Jacob Thundathil, Randy Wilde, Patrick Blondin, John Osbourn, John Kastelic

Developing a Marked, Live Attenuated Johne’s Disease Vaccine Strain
Amanda J Mirto, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Milk Proteins for Treating Obesity: Effects on Energy Balance and Glucose Control
Pezeshki, A., Yee, N.J., Fahim, A and Chelikani, P.K.

Fecal Shedding In Dairy Calves Early After Experimental Infection with Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis
Rienske A.R. Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck 

Communication Extension to Alberta Dairy Farmers
Caroline Ritter, Robert Wolf, Steve Mason, Jodi Flaig, Mike Slomp, Charlotte Pickel, Herman Barkema

Effects of Milk Proteins on Cardiovascular Health and Energy Balance
Singh, A., Pezeshki, A., Zapata, R., Yee, N. and Chelikani, P.K

Digital Dermatitis and Footbath Management on Dairy Farms in Alberta
Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema, Miranda Marchand, Steve Mason and Karin Orsel

Shedding of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP) by Dairy Calves
Robert Wolf, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen De Buck and Karin Orsel

Association of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcal Intramammary Infections and Somatic Cell Counts
Colleen E. Fitzpatrick, Amanda L. Byers, Christopher D. Luby

Operant Conditioning of Urination by Calves
Alison Vaughan, Anne Marie de Passillé, Joseph Stookey, Jeffrey Rushen.


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Current and Future Challenges In Dairying

Defining the Future of Animal Agriculture
Charlie Arnot

Finding the Tools to Achieve Longevity in Canadian Dairy Cows
Blair Murray

International Dairy Market Prospects: Promising Future But Ensure Seat Belts Buckled And Crash Hats On!
David Hughes

Why Science Isn’t Enough – What Consumers Need To Trust Dairy Today
Charlie Arnot

Session II. Reproduction

Linking Reproduction and Hoof Health
Ronaldo Cerri

How to Minimize the Impacts of Dystocia on the Health and Survival of Dairy Calves
Jason Lombard

Using Behavior to Improve Housing and Management Around the Time of Calving
Margit Bak Jensen

New Research on Controlled Breeding Programs for Dairy Cattle
Marcos Colazo

Session III. The Dairy Industry-Consumer Continuum

Influencing Fluid Milk Sales with Innovative Product Attributes
Ellen Goddard

The Trans Pacific Partnership: Implications for Supply Management and the Canadian Dairy Industry
Bruce Muirhead

Dairy Farming under the Social Media Microscope
Christina Crowley

Sharing the Canadian Dairy Farmer Story with Our Consumers and Elected Officials
Wally Smith

Session IV. New Approaches and Technologies in Dairying

New Technologies in Precision Dairy Management
Jeffrey Bewley

Application and Cost Effectiveness of Dairy Genomics
Blair Murray

Strategies for Increasing On-Farm Profitability
Rebecca White

Group Housing and Milk Feeding Of Dairy Calves
Margit Bak Jensen

Session V. Feeding and Forages

Impact of Feeding Management on Cow Behaviour, Health, and Productivity
Trevor DeVries

Nutritional Management of Milk Fat
Adam Lock

Getting More from Our Conventional Feeds: Barley Grain and Barley Silage
Masahito Oba

High Quality Forages – How Sweet Should They Be?
Robert Berthiaume

Session VI. Digital Dermatitis and Lameness

Non-Infectious Lameness
André Desrochers

Digital Dermatitis: Dynamics and Management
Arturo Gomez Rivas

Treatment Strategies for Digital Dermatitis for the UK
Marijntje Speijers

Decreasing Lameness and Increasing Cow Comfort on Alberta Dairy Farms
Laura Solano

Session VII. Dairy Health and Productivity

Performance on Dairy Farms – Findings from NAHMS Studies
Jason Lombard

The Norwegian Mastitis Control Program: Lessons to Learn
Olav Østerås

Using Physiological Markers to Detect Health and Production Problems in Transition Dairy Cows
Julie Huzzey

Practical Methods for Mastitis Control
Christina Petersson-Wolfe


Effectiveness of On-Farm Tools for Measuring Colostrum Quality
Amanda Bartier, Claire Windeyer and Lorraine Doepel

Can You Identify Acidosis Tolerant Cows In Your Herd?
X.S. Gao and M. Oba

The Maternity Pen from the Cow’s Perspective
K. L. Proudfoot, D. M. Weary, M. B. Jensen, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk

Reducing Milk Leakage at Dry-Off
G. Zobel, D.M. Weary, K. Leslie and M.A.G. von Keyserlingk

Pregnancy per AI in Holstein Heifers Inseminated With Sexed Semen after Detected Estrus or Timed-AI
M.G. Colazo and D.J. Ambrose

Effect of Pasteurization on Uptake of Colostral IgG in the Newborn Calf in the First 12 Hours
C. Kent-Dennis, A. Ruiz-Sanchez, W. Dixon, and T. B. McFadden

Investigation of Net Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cattle
G. Manafiazar, T. McFadden, L. Goonewardene, E. Okine, and Z. Wang

Effect of a Novel Biochemical Approach on Methane Production and Animal Performance
J. Haisan, Y. Sun, L. Guan, K. Beauchemin, S. Duval, D.R. Barred and M. Oba

Limited Supply of Phenylalanine and Threonine, but Not Tryptophan, Decreases Milk Protein Yield
I.H. Irosha1, H. Lapierre, and L. Doepel

Age and Dose Dependent Susceptibility to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis Infection in Dairy Cattle
Rienske Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Gwen Roy, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck

Clinical Mastitis Caused by Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci in Canadian Dairy Herds
Larissa A. Zeni Condas, Jeroen De Buck, Herman W. Barkema.

Johne’s Disease Transmission: Investigating the Diversity of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in the Canadian Dairy Industry
Christina A Ahlstrom, Herman W Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Genetic Variability of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus in Persistently Infected Cattle within Western Canadian Dairy Herds
Natalie Dow and Frank van der Meer

Economic Evaluation of Participation in the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative (AJDI) From A Farmer’s Perspective
Wolf, R, Clement, F, Barkema, HW and Orsel, K

How Fast Does the Rumen Adapt?
B.L. Schurmann, M.E. Walpole, P. Gorka, and G.B. Penner

Does The Concentration of Ruminal Ammonia Affect the Urea Recycled to the Rumen?
M.E. Walpole, G.B. Penner, and T. Mutsvangwa

Increasing Diet Fermentability Increases Urea Recycled To the Rumen
M.E. Walpole, B.L. Schurmann, P. Gorka, G.B. Penner, M. E. Loewen, and T. Mutsvangwa

Calves Can Be Taught To Urinate In A Specific Place
Alison Vaughan, Anne Marie de Passille, Joseph Stookey, Jeffrey Rushen

Combination of Bacterial and Yeast Probiotics for Lactating Cows Submitted To a Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis Challenge
J. Chiquette, J. Lagrost, C.Girard, G.Talbot, S. Li3 and K.Plaizier

Effects of Different N-6/N-3 Fatty Acid Ratios and Of the Mammalian Lignan Enterolactone on Dairy Cow Endometrial Cells.
M.F. Palin, C. Hallé, A.K. Goff, H.V. Petit, R. Blouin

Reducing Metabolic Stress of Dairy Cows during the Transition Period by Partial Milking or Nursing.
E. Carbonneau, A-M De Passille, J. Rushen, B. Talbot and P.Lacasse

Rumen Degradability Of Four Protein Sources: Soybean Meal (SBM), Canola Meal (CM) And Corn or Wheat Dried Distillers Grains (DDG)
G. Maxin, D.R. Ouellet and H. Lapierre

Effect of Increasing Amounts of Corn Dried Distillers’ Grains with Solubles in Dairy Cow Diets on Enteric Methane Emissions, Digestibility, and Milk Production.
C. Benchaar, F. Hassanat, R. Gervais, P. Y. Chouinard, D. I. Massé

Osteopontin Gene Is Associated with Johne’s Disease
N. Bissonnette

Evaluation of DM, NDF, and Starch Ruminal Degradabilities of Corn Hybrids: A Three-Year Study.
Ouellet, D. R., Tremblay, G. F., and Mustafa, A. F.

Effects of Diets Rich in Unsaturated Fatty Acids on Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) Levels and Potential for Genetic Selection of MUN
E.M. Ibeagha-Awemu, A.A. Ammah, F. Beaudoin, N. Bissonnette and C. Benchaar

Feeding Canola Meal to Dairy Cows: A Meta-Analysis Suggests That NRC (2001) Underestimates the Supply of Metabolizable Protein from Canola Meal
R. Martineau, D. R. Ouellet, and H. Lapierre

An Investigation of the Effects of Ketoprofen Following Rumen Fistulation Surgery in Lactating Dairy Cows
Nathalie C. Newby, Cassandra B. Tucker, David L. Pearl, Stephen J. LeBlanc, Ken E. Leslie, Marina A.G. von Keyserlingk, Todd F. Duffield

Assessing Variability in Dairy Heifer Body Weights
G.B. Bond, M. von Keyserlingk, N. Chapinal, E.A. Pajor, D. Weary

Dairy Producer Knowledge Of and Agreement with the Code of Practices Regarding Calf Management in the Province Of Alberta
G.B. Bond, C. Tse, E.A. Pajor

Dairy Management Practices in Alberta and its Accordance to the Code of Practices
C. Tse, G. Bond, E. Vasseur, A.M. de Passille, J. Rushen, E. Pajor


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. WCDS and Dairying: A 30 Year Perspective

Highlights of the Past and a Look into the Future of Dairy Nutrition
Mike Hutjens

Highlights of the Past and a Look into the Future of Dairy Reproduction
Matt Lucy

What We Have Learned About Optimizing Efficiency of Dairy Production
Normand St-Pierre

Agriculture, Food and Society – Philosophy to Nanotechnology
Paul Thompson

Session II. Reproduction

Importance of Health and Fertility Traits – A Producer’s Perspective
Don Bennink

Perspectives on Bovine Embryo Transfer
Reuben Mapletoft

Resynchronization Programs for Dairy Cows
Matt Lucy

Prevalence and Risk Factors for Dystocia in Dairy Cattle – With Emphasis on Confinement Systems
John Mee

Session III. Finance, Management, and Economics

Achieving Excellence in Dairying
Gordie Jones

Employee management and labour retention on dairy farms
Karen Gingras

“We’ve got to Do Something”…An Adventure in the Dairy Farm Transfer Process
Reg Shandro

Discuss the Undiscussabull™ – Tools for Talking About Tough Issues in Farm Transfer™
Elaine Froese

Session IV. Calves to Cows

Bovine Neonatal Survival – Is Improvement Possible?
John Mee

Health and Immune Function of Dairy Calves
Ken Leslie

Dairy Stockmanship – Reconnecting the People with the Cows
Gordie Jones

New Concepts in Dry Period Management
Daniel Lefebvre

Session V. Nutrition

How Variation in Diets Affects Productivity
Normand St-Pierre

Efficient Use of Forages and Impact on Cost of Production
Karen Beauchemin

Lessons Learned From Dealing with High Feed Prices
Mike Hutjens

Feeding for Milk Components
Adam Lock

Session VI. Dairy Health

Overcoming Barriers to Lameness Control on Dairy Farms
Becky Whay

Meeting the Challenges of Improving Health in Periparturient Dairy Cows
Burim Ametaj

An Update on the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative
Herman Barkema

Should You Treat Them or Should You Eat Them? How to Improve Mastitis Treatments
Pamela Ruegg

Session VII. Dairy Production and the Environment

Dairy’s Carbon Footprint and Sustainability
Frank Mitloehner

Managing Cows, Milking and the Environment to Minimize Mastitis
Pamela Ruegg

Bedding Options for Dairy Cows
Marcia Endres

Public and Producer Attitudes to Contentious Topics in Dairy Farming
Dan Weary


Fertility in dairy cows subjected to two different intervals from presynchronization to initiation of Ovsynch protocol
M.G. Colazo, P. Ponce-Barajas, and D.J. Ambrose

Replacing barley grain with wheat DDGS (dry distillers grains with solubles) reduced multiple ovulations in postpartum dairy cows
E. Subramaniam, M.G. Colazo, A.L. Ruiz-Sanchez, P. Ponce-Barajas, M. Oba, M. Dyck, D.J. Ambrose

Effect of precision processing barley grain on dry matter intake, milk production, rumen pH and nutrient digestibility in lactating dairy cows
N. Schlau, T. McAllister, W. Z. Yang, L. Duineveld, and M. Oba

Benefit-cost analysis of NIRS feeding initiative for the Alberta livestock and crop industry
Scott Jeffre, Henry An, Jim Unterschultz, Mary-Lou Swift, David Zinner and Zheng Li

Influence of the genotype of the bovine osteopontin gene on its promoter activity: study of the basal activity of six different haplotypes
N. Bissonnette

How to control milk iodine concentration
P. Lacasse S. I. Borucki Castro, and R. Berthiaume

Comfort and longevity in Quebec dairy operation
F. Bécotte, E. Vasseur, J. Gibbons, D. Lefevbre, A.-M. de Passillé, J. Rushen, D. Pellerin

Assessment of the potential of different sources of hydrolysable and condensed tannins to manipulate rumen fermentation and methane production in vitro
F Hassanat and C Benchaar

Lameness in dairy cows: using gait score as a predictor for claw lesions
Laura Solano, Herman Barkema, Ed Pajor, Steve Mason, AnneMarie dePassille, Jeffrey Rushen, Jenny Gibbons, Elsa Vasseur, Margriet Krom and Karin Orsel

Independent effects of chemical fibre and physical fibre on dairy cows
W. Z. Yang and D. Sauvant

Stall dimensions and prevalence of cow injuries on Canadian free-stall dairy farms
Jessica Zaffino, Clémence Nash, Trevor DeVries, David Kelton, Stephen LeBlanc, Jenny Gibbons, Jeff Rushen, Anne Marie de Passillé, Laura Solano, Herman Barkema, Karin Orsel and Derek Haley

The carbon footprint of dairying in Eastern Canada: A case study
E. J. McGeough, S. M. Little, H. H. Janzen, T. A. McAllister, S. M. McGinn and K.A. Beauchemin

Sampling cow to assess lying time in tie-stall and free-stall dairy herds
E. Vasseur, A. M. de Passillé, D. Haley, J. Rushen

Improving cow comfort to increase longevity in Canadian dairy herds
J. Gibbons, E. Vasseur, D. Pellerin, D. Haley, D. F. Kelton, K. Orsel, H. W. Barkema, E. Pajor, D. Lefebvre, D. Weary, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, J. Rushen, A. M. de Passillé

High-total nonstructural carbohydrates timothy enhanced performance of mid-lactation dairy cows.
A. F. Brito, G. Régimbald, G. F. Tremblay, A. Bertrand, Y. Castonguay, G. Bélanger, R. Michaud, C. Lafrenière and R. Berthiaume

Herd-level association between antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in bovine mastitis Staphylococcus aureus isolates
Vineet Saini, J Trenton McClure, and Herman W. Barkema

Age and dose dependent susceptibility to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in dairy cattle
Rienske Mortier, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Michelle Drissler, Robert Wolf, Jeroen De Buck

Genotyping of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis to understand the epidemiology of Johne’s disease in Canadian dairy herds
Ahlstrom, C., Barkema, H.W., De Buck, J.

Benchmarking dairy heifer management practices and producers’ awareness of the Dairy Code: Two recent research projects developed by the University of Calgary.
Guilherme Borges Bond and Edmond A. Pajor

Bottlenecks in best management practices identified in the Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative (AJDI)
Wolf, R, Barkema, HW, McDonald, E, Mason, BS, Ollis, G2, Slomp, M, De Buck, J, Pickel, C, and Orsel, K

A comparison between water buffalo (Khuzestani) and cow rumen fluids in terms of the in vitro digestibility of steam treated sugarcane pith
Jabbari, S. Eslami, M. Chaji, M. Mohammadabadi, T. and Bojarpour, M.

Whole-farm balances of P and K on dairy farms
D. Fulawka, T.L. Garner, K.H. Ominski, D. Flaten, and J.C. Plaizier

Training veterinarians for the western Canada dairy industry
Christopher Luby, Katelyn McIntyre, Murray Jelinski

Effects of Different Severities of Short-Term Feed Restriction in Cattle
Siping Zhang, Jörg R. Aschenbach, Daniel R. Barreda, Gregory B. Penner

Effect of carbohydrate conformation in hulless barley on carbohydrate availability in dairy cows
Ling Yang, David Christensen, John J. McKinnon, Brian Rossnagel, Aaron Beattie, Peiqiang Yu


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Consumer and Producer Realities

Milk: A Model of Diet and Health for the 21st Century
Bruce German

Separating Milk Fats from Fiction
Adam Lock

Should Animal Welfare Policy Be Influenced By Consumers’ Perceptions?
Candace Croney

Antimicrobial Resistance and the Use of Antibiotics in the Dairy Industry: Facing Consumer Perceptions and Producer Realities
John Barlow

Session II. Health Management

Using Cow Behaviour to Predict Disease
Marina von Keyserlingk

Johne’s Disease: The Ontario Program – Experiences from 2005 to 2011
Ann Godkin

Using On-Farm Mastitis Culturing
Greg Keefe

Practical Strategies to Improve Hoof Health
Gerard Cramer

Session III. Optimizing Feeding Efficiency

Back to a Traditional Approach: Re-evaluating the Use of a Single Dry Period Diet
Jim Drackley

Using Starch Digestibility Information in Ration Balancing
Charlie Sniffen

Focus on Efficiency: Coordinating Dietary Starch and Protein Utilization in the Rumen
Tim Mutsvangwa

Maintaining Milk Yield while Lowering Dietary Protein Content
Larry Chase

Session IV. Environmental Impact of Dairying

The Relationship between Cow Production and Environmental Impact
Jude Capper

The Environmental Impact of Fertility in Dairy Cows
Phil Garnsworthy

Nutrient Management Factors that Limit Profitability and Negatively Impact the Environment
Joe Harrison

Implementing Waste Solutions for Dairy Farms
Katharine Knowlton

Session V. Strategies to Improve Reproductive Performance

Strategies for Success in Heat Detection and Artificial Insemination
Joe Dalton

Reproductive Management of Dairy Heifers
Carlos Risco

Bovine Bodyworks: Ultrasound Imaging Of Reproductive Events in Cows
Gregg Adams

Postpartum Uterine Diseases: Prevalence, Impacts, and Treatments
Jocelyn Dubuc

Session VI. Minerals for a Healthy Herd

Trace Minerals in the Dry Period – Boosting Cow and Calf Health
Jim Linn

Role of Mineral and Vitamin Status on Health of Cows and Calves
Jerry Spears

Strategies to Reduce Phosphorus Losses from Dairy Farms
Katharine Knowlton

Potassium in the Early Lactation Dairy Cow and its Impact on Milk and Milk Fat Production
Joe Harrison

Session VII. Strategies to Improve your Bottom Line

A Timeline Approach from Calving to the end of the Voluntary Waiting Period to Increase Pregnancy Rate
Carlos Risco

Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative
Gerald Ollis

What’s Mine Is Yours – Perspectives on Biosecurity for Canadian Dairy Farms
Dave Kelton

The Impact of Forage Use and Quality on Economic Returns of Canadian Dairy Farms
Edith Charbonneau.


Understanding How Photoperiod Manipulation Enhances Milk Production
Bentley, P. A., Wall, E. H., McFadden, T. B.

Review on Factors That Affect Feed Efficiency and Indirect Effect of Selection for Efficiency on Some Traits
Ghader Manafiazar, T. McFadden, and Z. Wang

Does Flooring Surface Affect Estrous Behaviour in Lactating Dairy Cows?
C.A. Felton and D.J. Ambrose

Does Age or Lactation Affect the Expression of Mounting Behaviour in Dairy Cattle?
C.A. Felton, M.G. Colazo, C.J. Bench, D.J. Ambrose

Association between Endometrial Cytology and Uterine Ultrasound Findings in Postpartum Dairy Cows
M.G. Colazo, A. Dourey, P. Ponce-Barajas, and D.J. Ambrose

Pregnancy Establishment in Dairy Cows Supplemented With Progesterone Before and After Timed-AI
M.G. Colazo, A. Dourey, and D.J. Ambrose

Evaluation of Wheat DDGS as a Barley Grain Substitute for Early Lactating Dairy Cows
Y. Q. Sun, and M. Oba

Effect of In Vitro Fibre Digestibility of Whole Plant Barley Silage on Milk Production and Feed Efficiency
M. L. Swift, P. Juskiw, J. Hel1, M. Oba

Dairy Cow Lactation Curve Comparison of Pre 1960 and Post 2005 Daily Milk Yields Based on the Wood’s Model
A. Foth, M. Fehr, P Yu, A. Azafar, and D.A. Christensen

Inhalation as Route of Transmission for Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis
Susanne W. Eisenberg, Ad P. Koet1, Mirjam Nielen, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen de Buck, Karin Orsel

Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci and the Consequences for Udder Health, Milk Production and Culling
Robert Huggins, Herman W. Barkema, Jeroen De Buck

Comparison of Milk and Serum ELISA in the Determination of the Prevalence of Johne’s Disease in Alberta Dairy Herds
Dennis Klugkist, Herman W. Barkema, Karin Orsel, Gordon A. Atkins, Erin Vernooy and Jeroen De Buck.

Age and Dose Dependent Susceptibility to Mycobacterium Avium Subsp. Paratuberculosis in Dairy Cattle
Rienske Mortier, Karin Orsel, Herman W. Barkema, Michelle Drissler, Gordon Atkins, Jeroen De Buck

Investigating Mesenteric Lymph Nodes and Fat for Microbes Associated with Crohn’s Disease
Maria E. Negrón, Gilaad G. Kaplan, Subrata Gosh, Jeroen De Buck, Kevin P. Rioux, Marcel A. Behr, Herman W. Barkema.

Dairy Cow Longevity in Alberta
Laura Solano, Herman W. Barkema, Ed Pajor, Steve Mason and Karin Orsel

Culture-Negative Mastitis
Praseeda Ajitkumar, Herman W. Barkema, $amp; Jeroen De Buck

Antimicrobial Resistance in Common Mastitis Pathogens on Canadian Dairy Farms
Vineet Saini, J Trenton McClure, and Herman W. Barkema

Antimicrobial Use on Canadian Dairy Farms
Vineet Saini, J Trenton McClure, David Léger, and Herman W. Barkema

Fertility Markers in Dairy Bulls: Implications for Improving Cattle Productivity
Habib Shojae, Tom Kroetsch, Patrick Blondin, Randy Wilde, John P. Kastelic and Jacob C. Thundathil

Risk Assessment and Environmental Sampling as Useful Tools to Control Johne’s Disease on Alberta Dairy Farms
Robert Wolf, Herman W. Barkema, Steve Mason, Emily McDonald, Mike Slomp, Gerald Ollis and Karin Orsel

Concentrations of Non Structural Carbohydrates in AM and PM-Cut Forage Species.
Bélanger, G., Pelletier, S., Tremblay, G.F., Bertrand, A., Drapeau, R., Castonguay, Y and Pageau, D

Effect of Cutting Time and Maceration on Nitrogen Utilization of Trefoil-Grass Hay by Growing Cattle.
A.F. Brito, C. Lafrenière, and R. Berthiaume

Calf Mortality and Morbidity in Central Europe and Canada: Comparative Incidence, Producers’ Estimates and Management Practices
E. Vasseur, D. Pellerin, A. M. de Passillé, C. Winckler, B. J. Lensink, U. Knierim, and J. Rushen

Detection of the Major Mastitis-Causing Pathogens by a Rapid and High-Throughput Molecular Assay
Nathalie Bissonnette

Effect of Cutting Management and Maceration on Forage Total Non-structural Carbohydrates Concentration and Cattle Preference.
G. Raggio, A. Tucker, M. Mongeon, R. Bergeron & R. Berthiaume

Swathing On the Concentration of Non Structural Carbohydrates during Wilting of Alfalfa
G.F. Tremblay, C. Morin, G. Bélanger, A. Bertrand, Y. Castonguay, R. Michaud, R. Berthiaume, and G. Allard

Amino Acid Profiles and In Vitro Intestinal Digestibility of Corn Distiller Grain
W. Z. Yang, Y. L. Li, and L. Armentano

Milk, an Outstanding Source of Vitamin B12
J. Jacques Matte, Frédéric Guay and Christiane L. Girard

Expression of Heme Related Genes in Staphylococcus Aureus
M. S. Diarra, M. Kobylarz, M. Allard, H. Rempel, E. Brouillette, P. Lacasse and F. Malouin


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I. Enhancing Production Efficiency

Benchmarking Your Feed Efficiency, Feed Costs, and Income over Feed Cost
Mike Hutjens

Using High Quality Forages to Optimize Production
Randy Shaver

Metabolism and Reproduction, the Battle for Nutrients
Jo Leroy

Managing Milking Frequency
Tom McFadden

Session II. Optimizing Reproductive Performance

Maximizing Embryonic and Early Fetal Survival in Dairy Cattle
Keith Inskeep

Effect of Energy Balance on Oocyte and Embryo Quality in Modern Dairy Cows
Jo Leroy

Interaction between Clinical Mastitis, Other Diseases and Reproductive Performance in Dairy Cows
Amin Ahmadzadeh

Health in the Transition Period and Reproductive Performance
Stephen LeBlanc

Session III. Dairy Industry Updates

Practical Steps to Ensure Your Dairy is Politically and Environmentally Righteous
Joe Zink

Current Status of the European Dairy Industry
Bénédicte Masure

Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Dairy Operations in Canada: A Double Dividend by Accessing Carbon Markets?
Karen Haugen-Kozyra

Animal Welfare Standards for the Dairy Industry: Background and Justification
Jeff Rushen

Session IV. Nutrition Session

Getting the Most from Dietary Starch
Randy Shaver

Variation in the Susceptibility to Ruminal Acidosis: Challenge or Opportunity?
Greg Penner

Refining the Net Energy System
Bill Weiss

The Benefits and Costs of Commodity Feeding
Mike Hutjens

Session V. Farm Management

Farm Management Strategies to Reduce Costs and Increase Returns
Jason Karszes

Feeding Strategies to Decrease Manure Output of Dairy Cows
Bill Weiss

Impact of Flooring on Claw Health and Lameness
Christer Bergsten

Does Higher Production Imply Worse Reproduction?
Stephen LeBlanc

Session VI. Milking Management and Technologies

The Impact of Robotic Milkers On Cow Welfare
Rupert Bruckmaier

Robotic Barn Design
Jack Rodenburg

Robotic Milkers – A Producer’s Perspective
Henrik deGie

On Farm Udder Health Programs
Theo Lam

Session VII. Genomics and Genetic Selection

Understanding Genomics: An Introduction to the Terminology
Jay Shannon

The Benefits of Genomics to the Dairy Industry
Doug Blair

Genetic Achievements of Claw Health by Breeding
Christer Bergsten

The Economics of Using Sexed Semen
Albert De Vries.


Can We Use Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles as a Partial Replacement of Forage?
S. Z. Zhang, G. B. Penner, and M. Oba

Feeding Wheat Distillers Grains Compared with Corn distillers Grains in Dairy Cow Diets: Effect on Milk Production
M. M. Abdelqader, and M. Oba.

Examining the Role of Glucose Transport in Milk Production
P. A. Bentley, Y. Misra, T. B. McFadden, A. D. Morielli and F.-Q. Zhao.

Investigation of Net Feed Efficiency in Dairy Cattle
Gh. Manafiazar, L. Goonewardene, E. Okine, T. McFadden and Z. Wang.

Effect of Forage Proportion and Monensin Supplementation on Milk Conjugated Linoleic Acid Content
R. Mohammed, J.J. Kennelly and J.K.G. Kramer.

Does Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) affect Fermentation in the Hind Gut?
S. Li, D.O. Krause, E. Khafipour, and J.C. Plaizier

Does A 40 D Dry Period With A Single Diet Increase Milk Production?
J.C. Plaizier, L. Lippins, M.L. Connor, and D.O. Krause

Diagnosis of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) using a Diabetes Kit
J.C. Plaizier, S. Li, D. O’Gorman, and D.O. Krause

Sweet Forage Is Good, Twice As Much Is Even Better!
G.RÈgimbald, R.Berthiaume, A. Brito, G.Tremblay, G. Allard, G.BÈlanger, A.Bertrand, Y.Castonguay, R.Michaud and D.Pellerin

35-Day Dry Periods: A New Management for Today’s Cows?
D. E. Santschi, D. M. Lefebvre, R. I. Cue, C. L. Girard and D. Pellerin

Eugenol Supplementation in High or Low Concentrate Diets: Effects on Ruminal Fermentation, Protozoa Counts, And In Situ Ruminal Degradation of Soybean Meal, Hay, and Corn Grain In Dairy Cows Fed
C. Benchaar

Eugenol Supplementation In High Or Low Concentrate Diets: Effects On Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Nitrogen Retention, Milk Production, And Milk Composition Of Dairy Cows.
C. Benchaar

Supply of Feed Protein and Bioavailable Lys by Corn Distiller Grain in the Intestine
Y. L. Li, W. Z. Yang, and L. Armentano

Short Dry Period Management to Improve Feed Efficiency in Early Lactation
M. Jolicoeur, A. F. Brito, D. Pellerin, D. Lefebvre, R. Berthiaume and C. L. Girard


Preface Advisory Committee Sponsors

Session I.  The Business of Dairying

Combating the Rising Cost of Feeding Cows
Jim Spain

Routine Herd Fertility Monitoring – A Necessity or Money Down the Drain?
Mark Varner

Facility Designs to Maximize Transition Cow Health and Productivity
Nigel B. Cook

Long-term Strategic Planning Of Dairy Businesses
Rob Bell

Session II. Dairy Policy Home and Abroad

An International Comparative Analysis of the Regulation in the Dairy Sector
Daniel-Mercier Gouin

Dairy Farmers Should Not Count On A Doha Round Failure
Mike Gifford

EU Milk Production Quotas
Julian Binfield

Impact of WTO on Dairy Producers
Yves Leduc

Session III.  Animal Health and Productivity

Causes and Effects of Periparturient Immunosuppression
Matt Waldron and Xavier S. Revelo

Current Concepts on Immunity and Mastitis
Lorraine M. Sordillo

Raising Heifers With Healthy Hooves
Karl Burgi

Reducing Pain During Painful Procedures
Erin E. Fierheller

Session IV.  Health, Management and Nutrition

The Role of Probiotics in Promoting Dairy Production
Johanne Chiquette

Strategies to Optimize Feed Intake in Lactating Cows
Mike. Allen and B. J. Bradford

Do You Feed Protein or Amino Acids to Make Milk?
Hélène Lapierre, D.R. Ouellet and L. Doepel

Impact of NDF Content and Digestibility on Dairy Cow Performance
Dave Mertens

Session V.  Calves to Cows

Managing the Pre-weaned Calf
Bob James

Potential of Alternative Dairy Replacement Heifer Nutrition Programs to Reduce Economic Cost and Environmental Impact
Pat. Hoffman

Effectiveness of Vaccination Programs in Replacement Heifers
John Campbell

Ventilating Calf Barns in Winter
David W. Kammel

Session VI.  Housing and Cow Welfare

Free-stall Design for Maximum Cow Comfort
Nigel B. Cook

Compost Bedded Pack Barns – Can They Work For You?
Marcia I. Endres

Nutritional Influences on Horn Quality and Hoof Health
Christoph K.W. Muelling

Flooring Options to Minimize Lameness and Optimize Welfare
Jeffrey Rushen and Anne Marie de Passillé

Session VII.  Focus on Forage

Maximizing Forage Use by Dairy Cows
David R. Mertens

Using Pasture 150+ Days/Year In North-Central Alberta
Jan Slomp

Forage, Phosphorus and Soil on Dairy Farms
Shabtai Bittman

Getting the Most Out of Your Silage
Limin Kung, Jr


Cloning and Expression of Some Iron-Regulated Genes of Bovine Mastitis Staphylococcus Aureus
J. Blouin, C. Ster, P. Lacasse, M. Jacques, F. Malouin and M. S. Diarra

Optimal Weaning Strategies for High-Milk-Fed Dairy Calves
Sweeney B. , Rushen J. , Weary D.M. , De Passille A.M

Is The Colostrum Intake of Newborn Calves Affected By Time Since Birth and Provision of Heat?
Vasseur E., Rushen J., and de Passillé A. M

An Intervention Tool to Improve Health and Welfare of Replacement Heifers in Canadian Dairy Farms
Vasseur E, Rushen J., de Passillé AM., Lefebvre D. and Pellerin D.

Detection of Illness by Feeding Behaviour in Group-Housed Calves
Borderas T. F., Rushen J., von Keyserlingk M.A.G. and de Passillé A.M.

Temperature Preference of Newborn Calves Fed High And Low Levels of Milk
Borderas, T. F., de Passillé, A.M. and Rushen J

In Situ Ruminal Degradation of Fractional Corn Distillers Grains
W. Z. Yang, L. Armentano and Y. L. Li

Alfalfa Cut At Sundown and Harvested As Baleage Increases Performance of Late-Lactation Dairy Cows
A. F. Brito, G. F. Tremblay, A. Bertrand, Y. Castonguay, G. Bélanger, R. Michaud, H. Lapierre, C. Benchaar, H. V. Petit, D. R. Ouellet, and R.Berthiaume

Milk Fatty Acid Composition of Dairy Cows Fed Increasing Amounts of Linseed Oil
Chaouki Benchaar

The Effect of DairyPro on Milk Yield and Composition
David A Christensen and Leonard Underwood

Diagnosis of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) On-Farm by Analyzing Bacterial Toxins in the Feces
J.C. Plaizier, S. Li, and D.O. Krause

Does Subclinical Mastitis Interfere With The Diagnosis Of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) Based On Inflammatory Proteins In The Blood?
J.C. Plaizier and D.O. Krause

Effects of Supplemental Dietary Starch on Productivity and Reproductive Performance in Postpartum Dairy Cows
B. L. Dyck, L. Doepel, M.G. Colazo, D.J. Ambrose, M.K. Dyck

Fermentation Acid Absorption Influences the Severity of Subacute Ruminal Acidosis
G.B. Penner, J.R. Aschenbach, G. Gäbel, and M. Oba

Genotype of Stearoyl CoA Desaturase Affects Conjugated Linoleic Acid Production
L. Clark, S. Moore, and M. Oba

Use of Levucell® Yeast in Barley Based Dairy Cow Diets
Lucia Holtshausen, Karen Beauchemin, Jim Sullivan

The Effects of Replacing Barley Silage or Barley Grain with Dried Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on the Productivity of Lactating Dairy Cows
S. Z. Zhang, G. B. Penner and M. Oba

The Effects of Dietary Calcium Content and Dietary Cation-Anion Difference on Calcium Homeostasis in Dairy Cattle
M. Oba, A. E. Oakely, and G. F. Tremblay